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Gwen picked out some S’mores cereal and was bummed there wasn’t an empty container. My rule is they can’t open new cereal until they have finished the old cereal first. They emptied a container yesterday. Today was going to be a very special day.

The bag was not resealable. I poured as much as I could into the container. I poured a bowl for Parker from the bag. Gwen came down a little later and watched me pour her bowl from the last of the cereal in the bag. I dumped the last little bit into Parker’s nearly empty bowl. Gwen’s enthusiasm for the new cereal quickly faded.

Gwen: There’s not any more for Gavin! That’s not very fair to him!

Parker held his finger to his lips with a mischievous look in his eye. He mouthed the words, “Sh, don’t tell her!” I smothered a smile and went along with the evil plan. Honestly I thought she would figure it out. Gavin came down and I poured his cereal from the container.

Gwen: You tricked me! I thought there wasn’t any more cereal!

It still makes me laugh! Clearly she is still 7 years old and in the pre-operational stage.