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Christmas Eve
Parker: I’m tired. I’m tired! (patented growly voice) I’M TIRED!!!
Much jumping up and down. We have video of this but he’s wearing a school shirt so I decided not to upload the video. He was so excited about Christmas he wasn’t sure he could ever sleep. The realization that he was tired was a big deal.

After trying on new pajamas made by Grandma
Gavin: Am I wearing this shirt right? It’s a little revealing. I would rather just take my shirt off.
As you can see above, the shirts are a V-neck scrub top shape. Silly boy.

Note the look on Gavin’s face in the video. The other two are unashamedly excited about Christmas. Gavin’s mouth was twitching as he attempted to play it cool and not look excited. I love that kid!

Gwen: Boots? Boots! BOOTS! Gavin you saved my life!
And those boots stayed on the whole rest of the day. Whether she was wearing her new unicorn nightgown or her new costumes, she wore the boots. They looked good with her costumes. We still need to get pictures of her dressed up. She looked very Anne of Green Gables with the boots and her fancy dress. She was the perfect pirate with the boots, dress, well placed scarves, and a swashbuckling sword.

Parker gave Gavin an old fashioned handheld football video game a la 1970’s. Parker and I wrapped it in the MiniLink box my new CGM sensors came in. I don’t know what Gavin thought but he didn’t open the box right away! Once he saw what he really got was a fun football game, he played the whole rest of the day.

Ah, brotherly love. Gavin had the opportunity to go to a youth dance on New Year’s Eve. When we asked if he wanted to go, Parker quickly told him to stay home with us. Gavin was indecisive. I could see value in any decision he made. Heath and I were prepared to do whatever it took if he decided to go. In the end Parker got his wish. Heath and I started not feeling well no New Year’s Adam. We had to cancel our plans of making several dips instead of dinner. It was painful enough grocery shopping for medicine and a couple meals so the kids wouldn’t die.

By New Year’s Eve we were able to push through any discomfort to keep working on Primary projects – Cricuting iron-on class names for the seat covers. Whatever plague had threatened to pass through had passed. We ate a good home cooked meal for dinner. Then we cleared off the table to finish our game of Phase 10 from Christmas Eve.

Pandora was playing loudly in the background. We were laughing and having a good time while we played games. I was mouthing the words to nearly every song. Gwen would mouth along with me on a lot of the songs. The boys acted like I was annoying or something. That made for some laughs.

Parker to Heath: How do you sleep with this woman!

While we were playing Phase 10
Gavin to Heath: You need a time out, mister!
Heath: No, you do!
and he plunked down a skip card. Which produced gales of laughter over the perfect timing.

We laughed and screeched and yelled and had so much fun Gwen was afraid the neighbors would hear us and be upset. Who cares? It was New Year’s Eve and we were having a blast together as a family. While it would have been great for Gavin to go to a dance with his friends, we were all very grateful he spent the night with us.

The two week break felt like two months. We did so much and anticipated so much and played so hard together. It was a great break. Lots of great memories.