The to-do list is mostly to-done. There is one last item – sewing Gwen’s cape. We had grand plans for doing that yesterday. I finished organizing the desk while she played with her dolls.

Now that it’s finished, I love the desk even more. I was able to get all the craft stuff down to the two chests you see on the right. Gwen’s scrapbooking stuff is sitting on top. She’s not ready to keep it in her room and there wasn’t room in the cupboards.

On one of our many trips to JoAnn’s, Heath decided he liked the decorative boxes better than baskets. Twist my arm! I love boxes. Secretly we didn’t know if five of these boxes would fit across the top shelf. They fit like a glove. It looks like we meant to do that! I love how much they are able to hold while looking nothing like storage. I think I emptied two large chest drawers into one box.

The process of organizing and purging was very beneficial. I felt awesome loading up the van with more things to donate. It was the second time we took a load to the DI trailer in the last two weeks.

I found Gwen’s tithing box that she made in Primary. I forgot that she insisted on using only that box to hold her tithing. It’s possible we paid tithing in Gwen’s name that really belonged to one of her boys. She also told the bishop at Tithing Settlement that she was a full tithe payer and that once she found the box she could pay the rest! I didn’t think there was anything in the box. There is a decent amount in there actually.

We found a backup disk that got us all excited that maybe we could recover the pictures we lost in the robbery. There were four pictures on the disk. Bittersweet triumph. Yesterday our miracle came. While I was sorting through plastic drawer after plastic drawer of scrapbooking supplies I found two backup disks from 2004. Heath has backed up pictures to the cloud all the way through 2009. These two backup disks I found are a huge relief. I think we have the missing years’ pictures backed up on another hard drive. I hope so.

Now that the house is clean I can relax. Maybe I can actually catch up on writing about our merry holiday adventures. My family has come second to Primary for months and months and I really resent it. We did schedule in some time for family fun. I just haven’t had time to write about it yet.