Christmas miracles happen every year. My family’s miracles seem to be overcoming adversity. In a way it’s almost comical to think of the obstacles thrown in our path at Christmastime.

Car accident, burglary, gout. The list goes on. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

The rain has poured down three inches in a 24 hour period of time. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. The insurance claim adjuster has spotted us extra money. So much in fact that we called back to verify the pricing. I think she went to Jared to price out my jewelry! Maybe we are undervaluing our own stuff.

Three more days until Christmas. Can we make it? Gwen and Parker have found joy in the Lego train set. Parker tried to say there were too many presents under the tree. The train tracks kept bumping up against wrapped packages. When I suggested we could give the stuff away, they both assured me they were fine with the number of gifts under the tree!

Yesterday Parker was wild eyed and red faced he was so excited about Christmas. Heath asked how Parker would feel if Santa didn’t bring Disney Infinity. Parker’s face soured as he said, “Santa will be dead to me!” Bold words for a little boy who still has time to be transferred to the naughty list.

It’s been fun teasing the kids that we will sleep in. Heath said we should have a big, heavy turkey dinner on Christmas Eve so the kids can sleep easier, and won’t notice when we sleep till noon. Parker volunteered to get us Diet Coke so we can’t sleep!

They have counted every gift under the tree. I wasn’t happy about that at first but after the Grinch broke in to steal Christmas, I was happy the kids knew we hadn’t lost any presents under the tree. Just the stuff already wrapped and ready to ship to family. Not that I’m bitter or anything. The kids have carefully shaken gifts and scrutinized size and shape to guess what is inside. If they can pass through childhood unscathed by our nearly annual Christmas adversity, that will be miracle enough.

Magic is still in the air. Hope is still alive. And Christmas will still be merry.