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I went to wake up Gwen this morning and saw she was already up. She leaves her door open “just a crack” and in that crack I saw her sitting on her bed. She was lovingly adjusting the belt over her dress. The look on her face made me smile. She looked so happy and pleased with her clothing choice. It was one of those moments that I will treasure. Gwen is so Gwen and I love her for it.

She has always loved dresses. I let my kids choose their own clothes as soon as they were old enough to point. Baby Gwen couldn’t talk but she could point out a sun dress every time it was clean. She would throw a fit in the winter when I would put her in long pants to keep her warm. She loved her skirts and dresses. Every time I see her in her red silk nightgown Grandma made her for Christmas I remember how happy Gwen was to get it. The first time she tried it on she was breathless as she said that it made her feel like a princess. Shouldn’t every girl feel beautiful in her clothes?

It’s unfortunate that women doubt themselves so much when it comes to their appearance. Gwen has not been plagued by this yet and honestly, I hope she never will be. She is still young enough to think everything about herself is wonderful. She loves her name, her hair, and her freckles. I am in awe of her confidence.

Occasionally she will come into my bathroom to watch me do my hair and makeup. Sunday was one of those days. She was a little woman on a mission. She was already in the dress she wanted to wear for church but she felt it still needed something. Some kind of extra pop. So she started sifting through my clothes! I was flattered but also very annoyed. She was dangerously close to seeing the stack of boxes in the back corner. I whisked her out in the nick of time.

Later I told her that when she was older she could raid my closet. Just not now when she’s only 7 years old and I have Christmas presents hidden in my room! Considering how fast she is growing, she will be wanting to borrow my clothes very soon. It’s only a matter of time before we wear the same shoe size.

I love that she wants to wear a necklace when she sees me wear one. I love that she insisted on giving me earrings (on her dad’s dime no less) for my birthday. She is always very thoughtful when it comes to gift ideas for others. Unfortunately, she has no cash! I love that she dresses up to have Daddy daughter dates. I love how fashion conscious she is. She really wants a pair of boots for Christmas and I hope one of her boys decides to do that for her. Well, at least make a gift card so she can get a pair we know fits later.

I love that she tells me I’m beautiful when I’m dressed for church. I came out on Sunday in a new dress. Her jaw literally dropped and she said,

Gwen: Wow! You are … speechless!
Me: I’m speechless?
Gwen: No, I’m speechless! You are beautiful!

Gavin compared me to Jennifer Garner who was wearing a red dress in a Capital One commercial. That red dress must be really something to get that much of a reaction from two of my kids! One of them is a guy who only wears clothes because it’s illegal not to.

Here she is studying the Living Scriptures DVD of Esther. She wanted to dress as much like Esther as she could. The hooded jacket took care of the head piece. This is where I started thinking of making her costumes for Christmas.

I sure do love this girl! She reminds me that being a girl is a special gift.