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  1. I felt like the coolest mom ever when I bought my first gingerbread house kit ever.
  2. After it sat around for nearly a week without being touched, I felt like maybe it wasn’t a good idea after all.
  3. I sometimes do that with kid projects, why should a gingerbread house kit be any different?
  4. Never promise your kids they can finally decorate the house on the same day as a football game you plan on giving your full attention to.
  5. Waiting till halftime didn’t help.
  6. Gingerbread houses are much harder than they appear.
  7. For real. Even though one kid made one in kindergarten with graham crackers doesn’t mean gingerbread houses are kid friendly.
  8. When the box advertises that the house is fun for the whole family, they really mean “heavy parental supervision required!”
  9. It’s a multi-step, bilingual process just to get the frosting into the craft bag with the decorator’s tip.
  10. That should have been my first clue but how could I say no to my kids’ big cartoon eyes silently begging me to make good on my earlier ill-conceived promise?
  11. It’s a multi-step, bilingual process just to glue two pieces of gingerbread together with frosting thicker than tar running uphill on a cold day.
  12. Oh and by the way, each step requires 20 minutes of patience, from my children no less, to secure the pieces in place.
  13. It’s a good thing BYU found their groove and was beating USU like they stole something. We had to turn our attention from the game several times to reposition house pieces.
  14. The pieces weren’t straight but the house was standing! The kids were told to walk away for at least two hours.
  15. Unfortunately my kids can tell time. Two hours still turned into four days.
  16. My heart beats wildly at the thought of messy kid projects that require heavy adult supervision.
  17. Eventually I agreed to let the kids finish decorating the house.
  18. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the decorating process is much easier once the blasted house is upright and stable.
  19. I worked on my own church responsibilities while the kids were frosting fools.
  20. They found a holiday show to enjoy while they worked. Gwen said, “It’s a kid show. It’s our trash!”
  21. I felt my mom points rack up again knowing the kids had sole possession of the remote control and their own mindless drivel on TV to call kid trash.
  22. The show captivated them and they spent the next 45 minutes riveted in front of the TV.
  23. I noticed the time and told them it was almost bedtime.
  24. They decorated the whole house in 10 minutes.
  25. It looks really good.
  26. I have learned I will not even think about eating it though.
  27. Any candy that one dropped the other retrieved from the floor.
  28. Candy touched by little fingers is suspect enough …
  29. Opening the box made me almost want to like gingerbread. Almost.
  30. Once upon a time I thought a gingerbread house kit would be a perfect way to use up Halloween candy. The kits come with candy.
  31. The kids did use a couple things from their Halloween stash. I have to be impressed with that!
  32. I may never do this again.
  33. I can rest assured my children had fun and will remember this activity fondly until they read this blog post!
  34. All I hope is that I have helped any readers with the realities of kitschy Christmas activities.