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I slept in for Black Friday. I’m not into the rush of fighting others for the best deal. Which is why I sent Heath to pick up my new office chair. He went on Thanksgiving despite his moral opposition to the idea. He didn’t like the idea of making other people work on Thanksgiving. The deal on the chair was too good though. What to do, what to do? He decided to go anyway. After all, the store was only open for three hours, starting at 6:00 pm. The employees had enough time to enjoy dinner!

I got this phone call from him

Heath: I can’t believe you would make me go shopping on Thanksgiving! You wouldn’t believe the traffic. There were six cars in the parking lot! I was the first transaction of the night!

He started laughing and told me the store opened two minutes early according to Velma’s clock. He was more than halfway home with the chair nine minutes later. Apparently the office supply store is not a stand in line waiting for the doors to open kind of place. The guy who helped us on Wednesday was the same guy who helped Heath on Thursday. Parker helped put the chair together and it was happy early birthday to me. The chair is awesome, I must say. It doesn’t hurt that it was 50% off.

Black Friday dawned at a reasonable hour for me. My phone tells me when it’s a holiday. On Friday it said it was “The day after Thanksgiving United States All Day.” Wow, thanks Cortana. I don’t know what I would have thought without that text under the date on my lock screen all day. It’s funny but it’s also a little sad. It means that Black Friday is almost recognized as a national holiday. Of course if they want to make that official I would suggest a better name than “The day after Thanksgiving.”

Although it sort of is a holiday for me. The day after Thanksgiving, whatever you want to call it, is my favorite day ever. It is the day I set up Christmas decorations. Heath pulls down all the heavy boxes and brings them into the house. I open the boxes and pull out each item one by one setting it on the floor, couches, nearby tables, anywhere I can until it’s all out. Only then can I think. The kids watch with excited reverence, waiting with baited breath for me to ask them to help with something. They know what they can and cannot touch.

They helped their dad put up the lights outside. Then he took them to the park to play for a while so I could just enjoy decorating. This year was very different. I had new furniture in new places and the possibilities were endless.

The tree fits perfectly. I love seeing the tree here because it reminds me of how I almost lost my living room furniture. We knew we had to recreate a dining room but I wasn’t willing to give anything up. I love how Heath and I solved this problem. Not only did I get a freaking awesome desk, I was able to keep my living room furniture. And the tree fits too! We basically added a room without losing anything. That makes my day.

My family can’t wait for me to actually put the decorations on the tree. They kind of think I’m crazy for leaving it bare for so long. I realized that I don’t like trimming the tree the same day it’s put up. It’s too overwhelming. I need extra time to feel up to the large task of filling this tree. Once that box of ornaments is open, that’s it. I have to go for it. So it’s best if I’m mentally prepared. Besides that, I’m so particular about things that no one is allowed to help me! I also decided that I enjoy a day or two of the tree just being beautiful with nothing but lights on. Maybe on Monday if I’m called off of jury duty I can try to trim the tree.

I love how these letters work so perfectly in my office without walls. As you can see, all our pets are vacationing on the top shelf. It’s not my favorite look but it works for the Christmas season. The tree displaced them and without the top shelf they would be hibernating in garbage bags in my overflowing closet. My closet cannot contain anymore. Every year I really miss having a basement to lock away Christmas gifts. My closet bursts with secrets because there isn’t anywhere else to store things.

This is another corner of festivity that warms my heart. I never blogged about this table. It was another gift from my dad that I didn’t feel ready to share when I got it. The truth is Heath talked me into the table. After all these years we decided it was time to put up our surround sound speakers. We needed a place to put the bass unit. If we left it on the floor it would look like clutter. We needed a table. I decided to use some more of my dad’s money on a table. Mr. Tim at La-Z-Boy showed us a catalogue with side tables. They started looking the same after a while and I couldn’t decide. Heath picked this one.

The thicker scroll like legs remind me of my dad and his furniture taste. At first I wasn’t so sure I would like it. I have since fallen in love. The bass unit has a lovely home on the bottom of the table. I have a great decorating platform on top. The books are actually boxes. The big one is full of school papers I don’t know what to do with but I can’t get rid of! The other boxes just look cool. The best part of this table is the fact that I have put out decorations that never had a place before. They just took up storage space. I love the effect.

I have lots more pictures with lots more stories but it’s late and I’m tired. One last story. Last year we bought a Lego train. Heath grew up with a train around his Christmas tree and really wanted something reminiscent of that tradition. Gwen is head over heels in love with trains and all the kids love Legos. We had lots of fun with this cool train. So why couldn’t we find it this year? Seriously, where was it?

We looked in every box. We checked the Lego village box several times in vain. We searched the garage. The train was nowhere to be found. I knew that when we finally found it we would smack our foreheads remembering how we thought that was a brilliant place to keep it. The problem was we could not remember to save our lives. Parker kept insisting it was in our bedroom. He started walking in ready to look under my bed. I had to stop him quick! There are no gifts hidden under the bed currently but you never know. I did not need him snooping around my bedroom!

I knew the train couldn’t be under the bed. I recognized everything under there and none of it was new enough to hold a train. Still I looked. None of us wanted to give up the search but we had to. As I was folding a load of laundry on my bed I looked over at the Lego box under Heath’s nightstand. Parker thought maybe the train was in there. We had tried everywhere else and I had nothing to lose. I pulled the box out sure there would be no train.

I walked downstairs and told Parker he was not allowed to say anything but … the train was in the box. Parker exercised as much self-control as he could. It was considerable restraint for him! But he kept dancing around shouting “I knew it!” In the end, all that really matters is that we finally found the stupid thing.