The desk is finished! I am elated, exhausted, so stinking proud, but mostly really excited.

I am sick of painting. So tired of it, in fact, that I told Parker to paint the shelves. He was happy to do it. He also got to toss the plastic tarp. I still need to throw out my ugly painter’s onesie. It kept my clothes paint free but that thing is ugly.

Most of the painting days were unseasonably warm. Put on a painter’s onesie and things get uncomfortable fast. Yesterday I finished painting the doors in a heavy rainstorm. Because it was wet and cold I left both garage doors shut. It’s probably a good thing that Gwen asked if she could play outside because then I had the back door open.

I worked until I had a nauseating headache. I thought I was getting sick until I realized I had been painting for two hours and my blood sugar was dropping. Lunch helped. That’s kind of how we worked on this project. I worked until my blood sugar dropped low. Heath appreciated the reminder to eat. He gets so involved he forgets that anyone would like to eat. I would be the same way if my body would let me.

Funny story about working in the rain. Because the garage doors were shut I could only hear what was happening outside. I heard a truck stop in front of our house. It didn’t sound like a delivery truck and we weren’t expecting any packages anyway. Then I heard people talking. The sounds were making me nervous even though I was pretty sure it was the gardeners. It was just weird to hear it all from inside the garage.

I knew I should have called Gwen in. It all happened so fast. She was out there singing and dancing in the rain one minute. The next minute she came flying into the garage looking as if she had seen a ghost. I stopped her just before she ran helter skelter into the doors I had just laid out to dry. She was convinced robbers were breaking into our backyard!

“Stop! Stop right there! It’s just the gardeners. You’re okay. Go inside. You’re okay.”

I subtly shut the back door and locked it while Gwen put out her coat, boots, and umbrella to dry on the other side of the garage. The gardeners are very nice but I was wearing a painting onesie over my pajamas and I still had raccoon eyes! I really didn’t need to see anyone right then. With no real ventilation it’s no wonder I felt sick when I finished the job.

So much drama to get things painted. By the end of each painting job I started to resent Heath and his job, and I felt fed up with the project. It felt like it would never end. But yay, it has finally. I even helped carry in the big pier cabinets. Heath tried to ask Ron to help half expecting the extra guys to still be there. The house was completely dark.

I wanted more space in the garage by bringing in the cabinets. So I pulled out my muscles and cradled my end of the cabinets in my arms. It was much easier that way and I was able to easily follow Heath from the garage into the front door. Ron came home right when we were finished! He came over for a minute to admire our handiwork.

It wasn’t very impressive until we put the doors on. Parker put all the hinges on and held the doors in place while I screwed them into the cabinets. All but the upper cabinets. I was almost too short to help Heath!

We have spent pretty much the entire day finishing the installation of doors and shelves and upper cabinets. We started loading stuff into the cabinets. Heath worked on controlling wires in a wire shelf he installed sideways under the desk for that purpose.

The keys with no names are tucked neatly away on a pull out keyboard desk.

We toured the chair section of the office supply store. An employee was kind enough to tell us which chairs would go on sale for Black Friday and by how much. We picked the perfect chair and will be back either tomorrow or Friday for the amazing savings. Also if we fill out the online survey we can get an additional $10 off. Every little bit counts right?

This little man worked himself into an early evening. He painted and put on door hardware. All the rubber stoppers were put in place by Parker, including the extra two he put on one drawer. If two are good, four must be better right? He used the same battery powered screwdriver to take apart the last of the old desk and then carried the pieces outside to be thrown out. He was an awesome little helper and he had so much fun.

He crashed before dinner but it didn’t really wake him up. After dinner he put on his pajamas and set up shop on the couch. I forget that this was my easy baby. All it took was 30-60 minutes in an exersaucer and he would nap for two hours. I would put him in the Johnny jump up while I did my hair and makeup but he would fall asleep before I was finished. Falling asleep while suspended in a doorway is not comfortable. His head would be flopped backwards. Poor kid.

I no longer have an office with invisible walls. My new office will be called the office with no walls. This is it. A large custom made desk between the dining room and living room. The Property Brothers are always telling people that their houses look like there isn’t space for an office. Well … there isn’t! I think we have creatively used every inch of this house to meet our growing family’s needs.

I look in the dining room and remember when we first moved in. The packing paper was shoved into a three foot high pile in a corner. We kept it there for a long time because the boys had fun playing in it like it was a pile of leaves to jump in. Those were the days. We had two and a half kids, no money, and more house than we knew what to do with. How quickly kids grow and life changes.

This was a really fun project. The last project Heath and I did was our headboard. Before that it was working on our first house. We were reminiscing today about that house. I was big and pregnant on modified bed rest so I couldn’t help with anything before Gavin was born. I gave myself carpal tunnel by pulling out staples from the stairs. It was the only improvement project I could help with. When the carpet guys installed the new carpet they told me I didn’t have to pull all the staples. I could have just hammered them into place.

Once Gavin was born I had another six weeks of restrictions because of the C-section. I still couldn’t help with anything! I did help Heath finish part of the basement by building an office and a bathroom just before we moved. I miss these types of projects. I love the desk. It is everything I dreamed of.