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It has been a very successful couple of days. Yesterday I finally finished the one dress I wanted to make for Gwen for Christmas. She has two whole dresses to dress up in. I’m trying not to berate myself for two dresses taking me so long to complete. It has been weeks and weeks of frantically sewing for one hour at a time. I got sick of how long it took to set up and tear down the sewing machine and serger. Finally I opted for sanity and set it up in my bedroom. That way I could shut the door when it was time to pick up kids from school.

That’s all I did this last week. Sewing during the day, pick up kids in the early afternoon, then finish off the day with painting in the garage. Gwen and Parker sure loved having me paint. They rode their bikes and had scooter races out front while I painted. Gavin’s bus would drop him off across the street from our house and he would join in the outdoor festivities. I naturally reached a stopping point around 4:30 just as the sun was starting to set and the kids needed to get on with homework.

I think it’s worth noting that with all this busyness I also made dinner each night. Heck yeah I want the cookie! I deserve it after all that work. Each night I was exhausted. More mentally than physically, but exhausted nonetheless.

Heath ran off to Home Depot this morning. Again. That’s the part of home improvement projects I hate. Just when you think you have everything you need there’s always one more little thing to pick up from the store. While he was gone I rallied the troops and we cleaned the house. Our home teachers are coming to visit tomorrow and they will never know the house was ever clean. We still have remnants from the old desk lying around and lots of displaced office junk cluttering up the floor. Ugh.

Heath keeps saying that we will get a lot of forgiveness since we’re clearly in the middle of a project. Yeah, two guys aren’t going to judge me for having a messy house but still. They’re people. And I don’t have people over when my house is a cluttered mess. I’m freaking out a little. But Heath is right. It was nicer to get to this point in the project than to keep the house in pristine order. I have been working my tail off painting just so we can actually make progress. Careers sure do get in the way of home improvement!

Besides not letting anyone see my messy house, I’m a little neurotic about people helping me. Heath and I painted together the first day. I liked working with him. Then I painted on my own to help out. After that I had to do it all on my own. I just don’t trust other people to be as good at perfectionism as me. I grew a lot today. I let Parker help me paint. He is the only one of my kids I would ever trust to help with anything. He is an awesome little helper. Gwen is too young to trust and Gavin seems intent on doing a slow or poor job in order to never be asked to help again!

Parker did a great job with the painting. I had no complaints. That’s pretty big for me. He also helped put the face plate on the light switches by the front door. Heath put in timers on those lights and we finally got around to putting the face plate on. Parker is Tenacious P. He does not give up. He’s just like his mommy and daddy that way. Tell him how it’s supposed to work and he will not quit until that happens. He is such a great helper.