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Gavin: Is this what you do all day when we’re at school?

We were watching a movie together while he was home sick. I typically don’t watch TV during the day. Today was a rare exception.

Yesterday Gavin seemed a little off. Heath checked his temperature at dinner and found Gavin had a fever. I sent him to bed before 7:00. He was so tired. He slept for over 12 hours and woke up looking much better. I made him some breakfast and took the other two to school, leaving Gavin to rot his brain in front of the TV.

I stayed to tutor this morning. When I got back I ended up chilling with Gavin. He was watching clip after clip on YouTube. That has got to be my biggest pet peeve! I convinced him to watch a show while I did the dishes. Then I got him to step away for a minute to shower. The shower seemed to help even more than the good night’s rest.

He still seemed determined to waste his day in front of the TV. It only seemed fair. I didn’t feel bad at all about calling him in sick. He deserved a day off to fully recover. But I wanted him to watch something meaningful, or at least watch something on purpose. I put in October Sky and totally got sucked into the movie myself. I don’t hang out with Gavin much so it was fun to put all my projects on hold to spend time with him.

We had leftover taco soup for lunch and then headed off to pick up Gwen and Parker. I hope Gavin appreciated me inviting him to come with me. It was good for him to get out of the house. We found out that Parker did his Turkey Trot today and was one of the top ten finishers in his class. He didn’t know what his time was but guessed it was around seven minutes for the mile. Our eyes got big and Gavin told Parker to join Cross Country. A few minutes later Parker guessed he was closer to eight minutes and he admitted he walked a lot!

Who knows what his mile time really was. I think he should try Cross Country as well. He wants to do Track but that starts in the spring. We ran into Coach Erika at the grocery store the other day. She was bummed that “All Good” wasn’t with us. She did think it would be great if Parker joined her team next year. We’ll see.

I feel so bad for Gavin that he has to go to school tomorrow. This minimum day week is crazy and exhausting and it only affects grades 1-5. Gavin wanted to sleep in yesterday because it was Late Start Wednesday. I totally forgot he still had a regular Wednesday. I woke him back up at 7:30 saying he only had 30 minutes before he had to leave for school. Poor kid couldn’t get back to sleep. I felt bad. At least he feels well enough to go back to school tomorrow. Too bad he has to.