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Margo: Does your dad yell like that at home?
Gavin: No, my mom does.

Me: My A1C is coming down.
Heath: You haven’t been very sweet lately, lol!

*sigh* Don’t you love hidden meanings in what your family says?

It’s okay, today I racked up the cool mom points. Gwen and Parker have minimum days the rest of the week with no school on Friday. This is due to Parent Teacher Conferences. Heath and I met with both teachers yesterday so we’re free! Next week the kids get the whole week off for Thanksgiving. Gavin too. I have learned that this week off is much more fun if I plan it out ahead of time.

I made a hair appointment for Gwen on Monday afternoon. I could have picked a time in the morning but who are we kidding? I’m not getting up early enough on my day off to be in public by 10:00 am! I decided to take Gwen and Parker shopping when I picked them up from school today. We headed out to JoAnn’s for a gingerbread house kit. I think the kids are old enough now that I can turn them loose on the project while I do something else. I am not interested in making a gingerbread house. They are super excited though.

Years ago I planned out the whole Thanksgiving week. We did one simple little craft project each day and the boys still remember it. It didn’t take much to be a hero for the week. When I don’t have plans we all get bored and tend to yell. Margo probably thinks Gavin meant I yell at football games. That’s what she was referring to. I like to yell at other times too. That’s what Gavin was referring to. The gingerbread house will keep the peace.

I really want the kids to use their Halloween candy to decorate the house. We’ll see if that works since the kit comes with candy. The cashier spent a lot of time fondling the box after she scanned it. She said she wants a kit too. I’m such a trendsetter!

Gwen and Parker are really fun to shop with. They enjoyed looking at all the Christmas decorations. Since they were having so much fun I let them look at anything they wanted to. They’re old enough now to resist the impulse to beg for things they know I’m not going to buy for them. It makes shopping with them that much more fun. We wander around dreaming. Parker asked if we could look to see if JoAnn’s has model cars. I didn’t really think so but it gave me the idea to buy the kids some crafts.

Parker found lots of cool stuff he wanted. I told him he had to find something that Gavin would enjoy making too. Parker settled on a kit with two racing bikes. The boys can decorate them and then race them. Sounds fun enough. Gwen decided on a diary she can decorate before using. She is so excited. To the point that she keeps asking if she can open it. She is having a hard time waiting but she will have to wait.

After we got back from our shopping trip we went outside. I was prepping cabinet doors to paint while Gwen and Parker played outside. Gavin came home and joined them in their shenanigans. The UPS truck came into the circle. The faintest memory fluttered in the back of my mind. Parker was convinced we had a package coming. Sure enough the UPS guy stopped in front of our driveway. I remembered that Heath said we would get a package today.

Since I was up to my elbows in painting paraphernalia, I told Parker to get the package from the guy. We both thanked the driver and I told Parker to put the package in the house. First I looked at it. I’m not sure why because all I looked for was the label that said Heath’s name on it and that the package came from Amazon. I honestly did not see any more than the box was black.

Parker took it inside. Gavin followed. They were inside for a while. I started to panic. With a roller brush in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, I rushed inside. “Don’t go in my bedroom!” I can’t tell if Parker was lying to me or not. He claims he didn’t go in my room. I hope not. It kind of doesn’t matter since the “secret project” I was working on was Gwen’s Christmas costumes. I just don’t want him to know who the project is for or what it is. I didn’t have time to clean it up before I had to pick up kids at 12:40. I hate minimum days around the holidays! At least it’s in my bedroom where I can shut the door on it.

Parker had put the box on Gavin’s desk in the kitchen. I thought that was strange but didn’t really think much of it. Oh my poor distracted mind. Heath came home and seemed desperate to find the box. I unearthed it from Gavin’s messy desk. That’s when I noticed how the packaging left nothing to the imagination! It says Microsoft and Raspberry Pi all over it. No wonder Parker put the box on Gavin’s desk. He knows Gavin has been begging for one forever.

The only consolation is the hope that Gavin will forget. He claims he can’t remember anything. I hope he forgets this. Way to blow Christmas early! Even if he remembers he will still be excited. I just feel terrible about it. Heath said he would tell me he told me so. I remember him telling me yesterday that we would get a package today. He said he knows I don’t listen to him. Unfortunately it’s true. But he forgives me easily because he knew I was distracted. I still feel bad.

That’s when I showed him a silly mistake Parker made. My mom had our Christmas gifts delivered directly to our house. She asked if I would wrap the packages since the cost of gift wrapping was obnoxiously expensive. I agreed. Because Gwen’s package hadn’t shown up yet she was nervous that we didn’t get everything from Amazon. She wanted Parker to open the package to confirm its contents. He loved that job!

Everything was there. A couple days later Gwen’s package arrived. All was well. Except that Parker had taken all the greeting slips and the content slip out of the package before taping it back up. It’s fine because my mom asks us specifically what we want for Christmas. I already knew what she bought us. Still, it’s just funny that Parker left out the packing slips leaving nothing to the imagination. Heath said, “They have no sense of decorum do they?” No, our kids definitely don’t. Wisdom flies out the door when excitement is whetted.

Being a fun mom takes a lot of advance planning sometimes. The lessons you learn on the job! The parenting books never mentioned these secrets.