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Goodbye shorts. Farewell flip flops. Fall has finally arrived in the Bay Area. November has come with cooler weather and forecasted rain. It promises to be an El Nino year with lots and lots of rain. Please let it be so!

Somewhere in the middle of the night Mother Nature had a good cry. Her tears steadily fell until about midday. The sun played peek-a-boo for a few hours and now the rain has returned. About an inch of rain has fallen today.

The ground has enjoyed a good soaking. Every inch of the inside of the gazebo is drenched. The sides get extra drippy but even the middle of the canvas roof couldn’t contain the extra water this morning. It’s probably about time to put away the cushions for the season. We aren’t likely to sit outside much anymore for a while.

Gwen was so excited about the rain that she danced in it this morning while she waited to go to school. She wore her rain boots to school and told me later that she was grateful for them. We need to get her a rain coat that fits. She was fine with just an umbrella today.

Here is a rainy day story she wrote last week:

“I love the rain! My mom loves the rain too! It is because we were born in the winter. My mom was born in a Utah hospital. I was born in a California hospital. One day we were driving to Washington. We were in Oregon and it was raining so hard. I had to wear my jean jacket. My brothers hated it. It was so awesome. I was very happy. Very, very, very happy. It was the best time ever. Ever!”

Halloween decorations are put away. What few Thanksgiving decorations I have are now out. I saw the Christmas tree scented air freshener and misted it all over because I could. It smells like a mixture of Christmas and warm vanilla in the house. Battery operated candles are flickering away on a table. The sun sets earlier now which invites lights inside earlier. It feels snuggly and safe. Spattering rain drops outside just add to the feeling of snuggly and safe. I think I’m going to enjoy this wet winter.