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I can’t believe Halloween is here! October flew by. I put out decorations the last day of September I think and then Halloween became the furthest thing from my mind. Suddenly it was upon us and I felt surprised.

We didn’t have any makeup for Parker. Gwen and I went to Target to buy some last night while Heath and the boys helped a family move in. I also had the strangest feeling that life was going to end after Halloween. Not in a doomsday the world is ending sort of way. More like if I got through Halloween then the kids would get a summer length break from school! I don’t know where that feeling came from. And they won’t get any break. Today is a minimum day and that’s it. We’ll set the clocks back on Sunday and life resumes as normal.


Heath and I did our best to make Parker look like he had a black eye. We had the Studio C video playing in the background for inspiration. Parker just cracks me up. He is too funny when it comes to photos.

We didn’t get any extra photos of Gwen this morning. Her costume was easy to prepare. She looks like a stranger to me with her glasses and her head covered. She is an adorable book worm but she doesn’t look like my Gwen. It’s amazing how those two little tweaks will change her face so much.

Gavin got himself off to school in his non-costume that is perfect. He has a full day of school. No minimum day. Bummer.

Heath parked behind the school and we walked the kids up to their lines. By the way, Heath actually got to come with me to the parade! I love when he can come with. The kids sort of scattered when we got to the middle of the blacktop. We never said goodbye.

Heath and I walked to the grocery store for some Diet Coke and treats. It was 8:30 by the time we got back to the school and the parade was scheduled to start in five minutes. Foolishly we didn’t cut across the blacktop to the path we parked closest to. Instead we started down the other path. We were behind a glob of slow parents sauntering down the path to find a good stopping point to enjoy the parade. Heath suggested we cut across the grass to save time.

It saved time but our feet were soaked with morning dew and probably goose poop. I didn’t enjoy walking so close to the Canadian geese all over the field. I hate birds! But they didn’t eat me or peck at me or anything. They parted in front of us like Heath was Moses parting the Red Sea. We got to our van and grabbed the camera and the camping chairs, setting up in the grass. I felt like we were prepared for a long sporting event in our chairs swigging Diet Coke. Some people had chairs but not many.

A ton of people commented on how smart we were to kick back in chairs to watch the parade. “Not your first parade!” was a common saying. I have to say this was the most fun I have had at one of these school parades. The sun wasn’t in our eyes. We were comfortable and we had a perfect view of the kids parading in front of us on the sidewalk. Heath held the camera in front of him and snapped away. We could check on his photos when we got home.

Digital cameras have changed the world of photography. Heath took 176 pictures. I will show you several of my favorites.


Robot and hummingbird.


My Little Pony (Pinkie Pie?) and a garbage can. How hysterical is that?


I love how the staff always coordinate costume themes. Third grade teachers were Disney princesses. Princess Tiana was the best. She has a frog on her left glove. Kindergarten teachers were reading super heroes. I thought that was adorable. I love that Gwen’s teacher remembered us. She was waving like crazy saying hi. Princess Tiana was Gavin’s third grade teacher. I doubt she remembers us even on a non-holiday.


First grade teachers were Mario characters. Mrs. H was Princess Peach. I love that they wore little cardboard carts! Office staff was Sharks hockey players. Special needs teachers and aides were Starbucks baristas.


Fifth grade teachers were pirates. This picture cracks me up. First of all I love the panda costume. Heath and I were jealous of it before the sun started warming up. We were freezing. But Mrs. O looks like she’s about to smack the panda! What is up with that? It’s possible she’s waving to us and Heath caught her at a weird moment. She was waving and going crazy. “Say hello to the W’s in their comfy chairs!”


This was a great paired costume. There are two Claires in Parker’s class. There are also two Parkers. You would think the teachers would avoid that kind of thing when they assign the students to classes. But I do like that these girls embraced it and became Claire 1 and Claire 2. Claire 1 lives up the street from us, is in our ward, and is Avalon’s little sister.


Scott Sterling gave me five as he walked by. He looks good. I also like the leaf boy behind him.


This is Gwen’s teacher. I don’t think the Second Grade team had a theme. Mrs. O has worn the same Red Riding Hood costume for as long as I can remember. Usually they have a fairy tale theme but Mrs. E (who was Parker’s teacher) was dressed as a butterfly. Who knows?

The girl in the wheelchair is a girl in Gwen’s class who messed up her ankle. Gwen was pretty bummed when it happened because Elizabeth is less mobile. Gwen also gets jealous when other kids get to be her special helper for the day. Normally she’s on crutches but good call on the wheelchair for the parade! That was a smart move.


Gwen is holding hands with one of her best friends, Allie. I wish Gwen hadn’t left her book bag in the classroom. It sells the bookworm idea. Oh well. She’s still cute. Such a silly Little Miss.


The ice cream sandwich was creative. There is a donut walking just behind him.


The green guy looks like he’s from Meet the Robinson’s. I’m not sure what he’s supposed to be but we loved how he kept his arms out in front of him the whole time. Awesome!


Indiana Jones and a dead guy. That was a fun pairing. I love the cake. Very creative.


And we’ll end our pictures with a rainbow. That was pretty adorable too. Most of the kindergartners were holding hands. I think they paired up with a buddy for the parade. It was so cute to see these little kids holding hands.

It was a fun parade. Great costumes. Lots of fun. I’m ready for a nap now.