A man walked across our backyard last night. Even though Heath and I only saw a glimpse of him before he disappeared behind the gazebo, we knew exactly who it was. The gardener had finally come to assess the sprinkler issues we had reported. I was so grateful that Heath was home to talk to him. I have learned that the gardeners turn on the sprinklers manually and don’t notice any problems. But if Heath is home he turns on the sprinklers from the box in the garage and that’s when the gardeners see what’s happening in real life.

We have had many solenoids changed over the years. I don’t even pretend to know what any of it means. I’m just glad that Heath is home to help the gardeners understand what really needs to be fixed. It’s anybody’s guess as to why yesterday was the magical day to have the landscaping conversation. We have been trying to ask for gardening service for a long time. The gardener said he would charge us the same as what he charged the previous landlord before they had to cancel gardening services.

The guy seemed afraid to say the price out loud. I guess that’s why Heath told me the way he did. First he said the price for cleanup. It was significantly cheaper than what I was expecting based on what other gardeners have quoted us when we were desperate to get anyone to take care of our yard. Those gardeners would tell us some outrageous number and then act like they don’t want to help us anyway. Hence no gardeners. Anyway, Heath said the cleanup price and then said, “I won’t tell you what the monthly maintenance charge is.”

I couldn’t imagine the maintenance price being worse than the cleanup charge. It isn’t. It’s high but we decided it’s worth it. Neither one of us enjoys yardwork. We’re good for mowing the lawn and that’s about it. I don’t even know what to do with the rest of our plants. The gardener did say he would tear out the dead ornamental grass in the front. Yay! That stuff has been crispy for as long as we have lived here. It gets crispier every year. It was nice for him to admit it’s dead and he will rip it out. Heath said we would put in roses in its place. The gardener seemed to like that idea. Roses are easy.

We finally heard from the handyman too. It took sending another email to the landlord for all these positives to take place. I like Heath’s passive aggressive question, “Do you want us to finish the bathroom?” The handyman emailed that he would come over today around 11:00. Heath was kind enough to work from home again because I had another two plus hour long Presidency meeting this morning. The meeting ended at 12:45. Ugh. The handyman was almost finished by the time I got home! Yay!

He didn’t fix the ceiling but he did say he would coordinate a good time with us. That’s all I need. Some communication. I can rest easy knowing he isn’t going to pop in whenever. He will arrange a time that works for us and him before he comes by to take over my kitchen. In the meantime the bathroom is finished. He did say he needs to clean out the grout by the tub. I think that’s another place the water was leaking into the ceiling. So he’ll do that when he comes for the ceiling. That works.

The bathroom is so popular I can’t even get a picture! I will tell you about it. The curtain rod is all one piece. Bliss! It’s screwed into the wall. Even better! The bathroom looks great. I like how it all looks nice with the towels, vinyl quote on the extra long mirror, shower curtain and rug. It looks like we put some thought into the room. The best part is that the boys can use their own dang bathroom in the morning and I don’t have to coordinate times with them anymore. That is worth everything.