My dress form is named Armless Amy. She also doesn’t have a head. She’s a dress form. Some days I really sympathize with her. I feel like I lose my head or am at least running around without a head while I try to keep things under control with no arms. It’s a crazy life but someone has to do it.

It’s been a day already. Parker has another field trip today. On the way to school he said that he didn’t even get a chance to enjoy the idea of going on a field trip. I’m sorry kid. I really am. All I could do was agree that it was a terrible morning. I said we should all take a deep breath, blow it out, and realize the day can only go up from here. Mistakes happen. Some are more annoying than others but there is always a way to fix it. Too bad Gavin wasn’t with us to hear my calmer pep talk. That was today.

This week has been so busy. Every day I have had at least one important thing to do. Some days I have had new things jump onto my to-do list that have taken precedence over the original list. I’m exhausted! With nowhere to be until this evening, I am taking advantage of my free day. I dealt with water all over the bathroom this morning. It’s a long story so don’t ask, but ugh what a mess. I cleaned it up as best I could and then walked away. After taking Gwen to school I decided to sneak a peek and finish the job. I must have mopped up more water than I thought because things looked pretty good. I’m still not ready to shower yet. Blogging with a Diet Coke is the break I need right now. I should do laundry. Somehow I just don’t care. The extra load of bath mats isn’t inspiring me.

Yesterday was a productive day. Different things kept pushing my errands onto new days. Again, not ready to talk about it yet. I had the perfect shopping window yesterday and decided to go for it. The BYU at San Jose State game tickets were supposed to show up and Heath didn’t know if I would need to sign for them. We agreed if I stayed home the tickets wouldn’t arrive until late in the evening. If I left they would show up in my absence. Mr. FedEx showed up right when I needed to leave to pick up kids from school. It was lucky I was on the phone with Heath and about to say I needed to go when the doorbell rang. If Heath hadn’t called, I would have already been a minute or two down the street and would have missed the delivery. I didn’t have to sign but I was still glad I could get them in person.

So I’m glad my trip to JoAnn’s wasn’t in vain. I want Gwen to have a bunch of dress up clothes for Christmas. She is really creative with the Halloween costumes we have. I want her to have a dress to replace the one I made a couple years ago. I also wanted to make her a simple dress that she could accessorize to be anything her imagination could come up with. She loves to pretend to be Biblical heroines. So I found a pattern for four different types of costumes. The pirate dress caught my attention because it was the exact shape I was looking for.

The girl at the cut counter was afraid I was buying fabric for last minute Halloween costumes. Nope. Just costumes for Christmas. I got time. Although I have been dreaming of this idea for a month now without doing anything about it. I have ordered fun accessories from Amazon. And then I completely forgot to look at scarves at Target. I wanted to hurry so I wouldn’t miss the FedEx delivery! Instead I forgot several items on my mental shopping list. That’s the first problem with mental shopping lists and the tendency to become like Armless Amy.

My skirt is finally finished. Doesn’t Armless Amy look fabulous? She definitely isn’t afraid to go topless.

And my bathroom window is finally dressed up. That only took me months and months. When I finally was ready to do it the job was complete in a couple hours. My computer was giving me a hard time and I couldn’t get it to do hardly anything. Kind of hard to blog that way. I restarted it but even that didn’t help and of course I couldn’t get the power off option to come up. I can’t remember how I managed to do that but I was able to power down through the backdoor. My computer was blazing hot. While I waited for it to cool down and get a grip already, I made the curtain. After the disaster this morning it was the nicest part of my bathroom. At least that.

The kids are at school. The day is stretching out in front of me. I still haven’t showered but I have Christmas projects to make. Now if only I can find my head and arms to make good use of my time!