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The blue screen of death! That’s not the answer to the riddle. Halloween costumes are the answer to the riddle. Gavin is too cool for costumes normally but Grandma came up with this idea. For Gavin being the computer geek he is, it’s perfect. Believe it or not he is posing for the picture. He said that people wouldn’t be happy if they saw an error screen. He’s funny.

Mmwaahahahaha! Maniacal laugh. He created a custom screen saver for his Surface that surprised me the first time I saw it. It is a bright blue screen that says “blue screen of death!” I have seen real blue screens of death but they never say that. Ignore the fact that Gavin really did not want to do this photoshoot. He was already dressed for bed. I do like the evil laugh picture. It’s the best smile we can get out of that kid when someone will be looking.

It’s not a bird or a plane. It’s the man, the myth, the legend.

It’s Scott Sterling ready for action.

I love this action shot!

Not sure who Scott Sterling is? He’s a character on Studio C that has gone viral.

Parker needs makeup to make him black and blue. Gwen is read all over. She is a bookworm! You have to love her popped knee. This girl is too funny.

Grandma even made a Dr. Seuss book bag for her Halloween loot. I think someone is hungry. She makes me laugh. She asked me how I would do her hair since it will be under a hood. I think it doesn’t really matter but I do love that she was concerned enough to ask. She’s a whole package kind of girl.

Now that the costumes are here Halloween can’t come fast enough!