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Today was the first Flag Salute of the year. The kids were asked to dress like the new principal. Gwen came up with her outfit all on her own. She has been planning it for at least a week now! The new principal dresses in nice shirts and ties and he wears a big straw hat because it’s been 5 million degrees nearly every day. As we were heading out the door this morning she grabbed her denim jacket. It was her sport coat. I told her to please not wear it all day. It was too hot for a jacket. “But Daddy wears his nice jacket all day.” I was able to convince her to at least take it off for recesses.

We don’t have a straw hat but Gwen was very excited to wear a white shirt with a black skirt (so it would look like nice pants!). Luckily we had some clip on ties still in a pile of donation items. I told her she could wear a pair of shorts. She has a pair that are blue and look like they would fit a school uniform code. She insisted on the black skirt. In her mind the skirt looked more like dress pants than short dress pants. I love this girl!

I love that she said the tie is even blue like (school name) “is exposed to be” blue. Too funny!

She was a little bummed when she came home today. She didn’t win the Box Tops raffle. I was told to find more Box Tops. She didn’t win pizza with the principal. And all the kids who dressed up wore hats. Then Heath told her she could have worn his floppy hat. “Now you tell me!” she said. She said the same thing when I told her that she should pray to remember what she studied. “Now you tell me!” I thought I had. So even though Parker kept quizzing her last night after I was finished, on her hardest spelling words, it sounds like she still flopped. Oh well.

I was watching trashy TLC wedding shows. She put on her fancy princess dress. A large piece of fabric was tied around her waist for the train. And she secured a blanket over her head with a tiara. She grabbed the silk flower bouquet our friend Chris gave her a couple years ago. All set for an imaginary wedding. Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of that. This girl is funny. By the way, in Gwen’s mind a bridal dress has a train so the dress fits for eternity! I love Gwen.