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But some have funny artwork. Parker loves to include his doodles and cartoons on everything. As much as it’s my pet peeve to have the kids write anything on my calendar, his drawings are pretty funny. I love the stick figures at the bottom carrying the calendar. This dry erase board does not erase well which means the board will be discolored as a result of his art. It’s okay. Don’t tell him the reason why I’ve kept it up is because it makes me smile!

Starting homework at 8:00 pm is not ideal. It has been the longest afternoon ever. Phone calls, dentist appointments, dinner, grocery shopping. It all takes time. So much time.

The Primary President said she would call me today to discuss staffing. I wasn’t sure when she would call. I saw I had missed a call while I was taking Gwen to school. It was the dentist office and they left a message. That concerned me since I already had a bunch of reminders. I got the postcard in the mail as the first reminder. Then I got the phone call reminder. That’s when I asked if we could switch from Monday afternoon to Thursday afternoon. Thursdays are Gavin’s no run days. The appointment was switched and I was reminded yesterday with another phone call. Why would they call today? I didn’t know for quite some time since the phone kept giving me a busy signal. Kind of hard to retrieve voicemail when the phone thinks it’s busy. Eventually the phones stopped wigging out and I got the message. They needed to switch the time again. I called and we arranged to be there 45 minutes earlier than planned. No problem. Actually, I liked 4:30 better than 5:15.

I puttered around the house doing laundry and Primary secretary stuff. No phone call. Reading outside was supposed to be a bit of a reward for me. Finally I stopped doing odd jobs here and there and forced myself outside to relax. Maybe a little too well. I could not keep my eyes open. I finished my book but it took a very long time since I kept falling asleep. Of course that was when the President called. I heard nothing. When I called her back I got her voicemail so I told her I would call back after I picked up my kids from school.

I told the kids our dentist appointment was moved up. As soon as we walked in the door I grabbed the phone. I’m glad I did. We talked for almost an hour. The problem was Gavin came home in the middle of my phone call and I wasn’t able to direct kids toward homework. The other kids didn’t tell him about our change in plans. This was the beginning of the day’s unraveling. In the few minutes we had between the phone call and needing to leave I told Gavin we had to go soon. Soon came quickly enough and we left. I had all these hopes and dreams of getting home early enough to still make spaghetti. Heath texted that we should still go out. Smart man. We left the dentist office two hours later.

Our dentist is fabulous. I love him but it is just him. There are two sweet ladies who work with him and really I have only seen one of them the last couple times. I’m not sure if we keep going on the one girl’s day off or what. We didn’t need x-rays today so there wasn’t anything the one girl could do to speed things up. Four teeth cleanings equals close to two hours. It’s probably always been that way. I have decided that two hours in the morning feels less annoying than two hours in the evening. We used to do all of our appointments in the morning of a day the kids had off from school. The last time we went they set up appointments six months out. And our next appointment is six months from today. It’s probably better that way. I do hate calling to make the appointments. I just really hate going after school and I’m not interested in pulling the kids out of school to get their teeth cleaned.

The kids always go before me. My turn is always last. I’m fine with that. They play with their new toys while they wait. I was starting to get a little antsy waiting for my turn. The dentist seemed surprised that Heath didn’t come with us today. He assumed Heath was too busy. I don’t remember how our schedules got off so I didn’t correct him. Heath will have to set up his own appointment. All I know is all my reminders specifically stressed the fact that it was just me and the kids today!

Right off the bat I had to tell the dentist that I have something weird in my mouth. I don’t know what it is. It fills up like a blister then it drains and immediately starts filling up again. He pulled on my lip and rubbed it a lot and decided I needed a referral to an oral surgeon. I was kind of hoping the dentist could just lance it and we would be done. Then he started cleaning. Something about the whole process slowly ramped up my anxiety. Only I wasn’t nervous. My circle of space was closing and he was in it. I just wanted to go home. When I saw my blood on his gloves I was close to gagging. I know that I often bleed during a cleaning but seeing it like that made the metallic taste come on faster and stronger. Finally he was done polishing my teeth and I could rinse the gritty paste out of my mouth. Before I left he assured me whatever was inside my lip did not resemble anything cancerous. I assume he would tell me or use classic blow off lines that would let me know if I should worry about the annoying blister in my mouth. At least that was good news. He described it as possibly an aggravated duct that fills and drains and is more irritating to me than anything to worry about.

As I walked back into the waiting room I could feel my walls going up. Suddenly my kids were too loud. There were people everywhere. I needed solitude. Gavin tried to tell me about the football game he plays on his phone. When I was safely on the road I told him I was not listening. We got in the house and everyone ran for Heath. Daddy’s home! Everyone was talking at once. My mind was about to explode. Anytime I opened my mouth someone interrupted me. The craziness was starting to envelope me.

Heath suggested we go to OTB for dinner. Without hesitation I told him no. I know me and I was in no frame of mind to deal with the stimulus at that restaurant. We went to Chili’s instead. It was almost as bad. Why do people have to talk so loud when I’m having a day? The food was not even that good. Chili’s is consistent in that their food is generally subpar. Occasionally it’s okay. Today was one of those days where it was really not good at all. After dinner we had to go to the grocery store to get Gavin’s food assignments for his Scout campout tomorrow night. I think we bought everything on the list. Gavin didn’t really know how many boys were going so he didn’t know how much to buy. He also didn’t know whether or not he needed to provide a cooler. Teenagers! Although I don’t envy him for having to choose between a beach campout and Cross Country practice. How do you pick from two things you love? He told his coach why he would be missing practice and she had to be okay with it.

As we pulled out of the parking lot I told the kids to get ready for bed and if they hurried they could watch a short show before going to bed. Gwen said something that set Gavin off and suddenly I remembered that the boys still had homework. Gwen had finished hers while I was on the phone. Not only does Gavin have a lot of homework but it’s not going well. Thank heavens for Heath. I don’t even try to talk Gavin off of cliffs anymore. We’re too much alike and when the adrenaline and stress are flowing, sparks fly. May we all sleep well tonight so we can hit the reset button on a new day. This one did not have much of a happy ending.