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And the Cougars win it again! Comcast decided to die toward the end of the game. Our TV has been giving us a hard time. It just turns off unexpectedly and takes forever to come back on. It’s really annoying. That happened once at the beginning of the game. Then at the end we lose the signal. Heath’s phone wouldn’t work. No internet. No nothing. Grr!

No worries. It was 10:30 at night or something and if the sun is down we can get the AM KSL signal. Out to the car we went and listened to the last two touchdowns. Oh my goodness! The first one I was excited obviously but my feelings were quickly tempered knowing that there were still 45 seconds left in the game. Hello! We kicked Nebraska’s butt in the last second (literally) last week. I was not counting on that touchdown being the end of the game. Boise had possession and all the time in the world as far as I was concerned.

Then I hear we intercepted the ball! Intercepted it! Greg Wrubell called the yard lines going backwards to the end zone. No way. No way!!!! That’s when Heath sent me inside to see if Comcast was back on. The TV had a picture on it. We watched the replay of that last amazing touchdown. The Cougs kept Boise from doing anything with the ball and the clock ran out. Holy cow! Does football get any better than this? Two weeks in a row baby!

It makes me want to actually type my last writing prompt the way I was originally supposed to. I was supposed to pick one of the five tweets and use it as inspiration for a post. The one I would pick is “I can’t decide if procrastination kills creativity or is essential to it.” Those last minute miracles seem to be Tanner Mangum’s thing. Hey, whatever works dude. Go Cougars!