Me: What do you want to be for Halloween?
Gwen: I think I will be a bride, or a mom, or a mermaid princess!

Parker: I was having a staring contest with myself and you made me blink!

Me: I can feel where your wings used to be.
Gwen: I used to have wings?
Me: Everyone did.
Gwen: I used to be a butterfly?

Gwen: Will I need to take off my cry glasses?
Heath: Yes you will need to take off your cry glasses to soap up your hair.
(Parker hid her new 3D glasses and she was a little put out – rightly so – and called them cry glasses)

Gwen: But I’m not in the mood for a bath, I don’t even smell.

Maybe you had to be there but my kids continue to crack me up. I love it!