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  • That not only is Santa real but Parker is an amazing little storyteller. He talked all through dinner last night about Santa’s backstory, his history with time travel (which helps him deliver toys), and robotic elves. All this from the kid who refuses to read anything other than graphic novels. I told him to type the story and send it to his grandmas. It’s a new day and he’s playing video games.
  • That the new principal is a godsend. He has already called several indoor recesses. No principal has called indoor recess on oppressively hot days since the last male principal the school had back when Gavin was in first grade!
  • The indoor recess helped the classes get out early today. I left my van at 2:11 and I saw kids walking out the gates. Gwen came out at 2:15 on the dot. I told her we were not going to the park when it was 100 degrees.
  • I don’t care that today was a Spare the Air day. The schools don’t provide buses. The parents have to drive. The school insists on having some stupid schedule the first three weeks of school where the lower grades get out 45 minutes before the upper grades. I drove home. We had 15-20 minutes before we had to leave to pick up Parker. It beat the heck out of melting in the park.
  • That Cross Country does run in the heat. I had a sneaking suspicion and yes they do. A dad emailed the coach about it. He said something to the effect of, “Since the temps will be 100+ all week and there are cooling stations being set up throughout the city, I just thought I would ask if the kids are still running.” She replied with one word. “Yep.” Please let me pick Gavin up from school and not the hospital.
  • That even though it’s blazing hot I still don’t regret draining the pool on Saturday. Every summer I think of how I will play in the pool myself when the kids go back to school. School starts and I remember why I never play in that pool alone. My time ends shortly before 2:00! There is no time to play. There is barely time to get anything done while they’re gone. Today I walked through the park and got Primary forms updated for our meeting tomorrow. That’s it.
  • The kids aren’t interested in playing in the pool after school. Gwen did once. It didn’t help that she had to play alone. Parker was too interested in spending his hour of free time playing inside. Gavin was running which meant I couldn’t get in the pool since I had to pick him up soon. The pool was in complete shade the whole time. It just isn’t as fun once school starts.
  • It’s weird that I’m happy we are putting our pool away but I still agreed to a pool playdate tomorrow with a friend. I’m just not sure how well it will work. I have to get kids home, changed, drive to her apartment, put kids in, then drive down the street to get Gavin at 5:00. It will be a short playdate and she will probably watch Gwen and Parker while I get Gavin.
  • That leftovers are gross. I hate leftovers but in a weak moment where I temporarily lost my mind I told the waiter that I did want a box. There was so much of my delicious stacked nachos left that I thought saving it made sense. I braved the heat and reheated my leftovers in the oven.
  • Microwaving leftovers makes them crunchy or soggy or basically the opposite texture of how the food started. Baking it in the oven is no better. My chips were soggy and chewy.
  • If you don’t make plans nothing will happen. This is how we ended up at our favorite Mexican restaurant last night. My goal for the long weekend was to get through Sunday and then sleep in on Monday. My wish came true! That’s all that happened. Heath bought a new router for the computer because it died Sunday morning and he spent the entire day trying to get it to work.
  • Losing the internet connection is the equivalent of losing power. I handwrote everything I needed to print when the computers slowed to a crawl after the router sputtered and coughed out its last breaths. Gavin went through the whole grief cycle. Every suggestion we made he looked at us like our brains were oozing out our ears. Read scriptures, work on his talk? How could we forget he does all of that on his laptop? He was less than impressed when I reminded him of the ancient invention of paper. It was much easier for him to mope.
  • That one day it will cool down. It was still smart that I sent in a check for a Cross Country sweatshirt because one day Gavin will want to wear it. Not anytime soon but one day.