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The shrine had been carefully set up. Pizza arrived minutes before kickoff. We were all pumped. It’s game day baby! We watched. We cheered. Both teams played really well. Then in the longest second, the final second of the game, history was made.

Tanner Mangum, a freshman quarterback fresh off his mission, threw a Hail Mary 42 yards into the capable hands of Mitch Matthews for a touchdown. Up to this point Nebraska had won every single home opener in the last 29 years. Undefeated for 29 years! How heartbreaking for them. How amazing for us! That was quite the game.

We were down by one point. I knew that last second had been off the clock for a while. The announcers said, “He has all the time in the world …” and all I could think of was the Harline miracle. I never expected “all the time in the world” to turn into such an amazing victory! We were freaking out and screaming. The officials were reviewing the play. “After further review, the call is confirmed. Touchdown BYU!” Holy cow that was awesome! We still have goosebumps! I love football!!!!