It’s been a particularly busy Sunday. I have spent the day running here, there, and everywhere getting things ready for people.

There were a couple different moments today when I remembered my tragic loss from last week. When I chose a necklace. Actually I wondered if maybe I should skip the necklace in case church was just bad luck for necklaces. My eyes scanned the blacktop in the parking lot. I couldn’t help it. I also noticed every shiny piece of lint on the floor in the hallway and in the Primary room. Once or twice I thought of my missing necklace as I sat in Sacrament Meeting.

My necklace was gone. There wasn’t anything I could do about it. I hoped I could find it in the Lost and Found closet. Instead I was so busy with Primary duties I completely forgot to even check. Right as we walked down the hall toward the door to leave the building for another week, my eyes looked at the floor and I remembered my lost necklace. I told my family I would meet them outside. I had to check the closet.

What hope I felt was miniscule. Really I was checking the closet for closure. I had to see once and for all that my necklace was gone and lost forever. The sooner I saw the inevitable the sooner I could move on with my life without the beautiful diamond lined heart my husband lovingly bought for me.

I opened the door and there on the shelf in front of everything else was my necklace. It was sparkling at me as if it was smiling. My heart jumped and I felt lighter. It’s not a big deal but at the same time it is a big deal. It’s a big deal to me. I never expected to find it. Last week I had hopes that the other ward found it and would return it to the Lost and Found closet today. My every wish came true. I can’t believe it!

Heath told me to buy a new chain for it. I think I will. I can’t chance losing it again.