Registration is complete. I still think Walk Thru Registration is a waste of time but it wasn’t too painful this year. It’s nice the schools are doing so many forms online. This year they didn’t require parents to stop at every station begging for money. That sure sped up the process. After standing in long lines to prove we live in the school district we finally got everyone’s schedule. Gavin seemed happy enough with his schedule. He likes that PE is the second to last period of the day rather than the first.

Gavin: It’s hot in the afternoon though.
Me: You run after school. You’ll be fine.
Gavin: True.

Gwen has the same teacher Gavin had in second grade. I liked that teacher. Gwen is super excited because her teacher’s name is French. She thinks her teacher will have an accent and be very French. Nope, just married the name. Parker does not have the same teachers Gavin had in fifth grade. That was my only wish for him. That he have anyone other than those team teachers. The odds were in my favor! I don’t know anything about his teacher. The boys say she likes to be in charge because she is the teacher over student government. Parker may be encouraged to participate again. He thought of running for office last year but gave up quickly on the idea. The next thing we knew he was assigned to be a class representative for the second semester and went to monthly meetings with his current fifth grade teacher. He is definitely leader material. I will support whatever he decides or is assigned.

We have been trying to have fun with the last few days of summer. On Wednesday we saw The Lego Movie for a buck apiece. I did a terrible job of paying attention to the dollar movies this summer. We met up with some friends for this one. It was fun. Yesterday we went for a walk. The plan was to go on the Fairy Walk trail but there was construction on the trail. We could have gone around but we all decided to just go to the park instead. The funny thing is we met up with a cute little family we played with on one of the last days of Spring Break. When I finally realized they were familiar I scrolled back forever through my phone pictures until I found the pictures I took of Gwen playing with the same adorable little boys. The mom said all the same things about my kids. That they are so sweet the way they play with her young boys.

Today we walked to Mr. Pickles for lunch. Heath is working from home. His noon meeting was cancelled so he walked with us and we all picnicked in the park. Gwen wanted each of us to take a day to pick a fun family activity to do as a countdown to school starting. The problem was she thought of this when there were exactly five days left. She wanted a picnic. It worked out that we did that today. On Monday we will walk to 7-11 for the last time this summer. We did that a week or two ago. The kids really enjoy that. It is pretty fun.

We’re about 100 pages away from finishing a really fun book. Heath saw it on Amazon and decided to order it. It’s called What We Found in the Sofa and How it Saved the World. It’s a super fun book. Much better than The One and Only Ivan. I may be the one and only one who hated that book but I really did hate it. As I was reading I had plans to write a scathing blog post about it but I decided I don’t want to be like that. I didn’t like it. Enough said.

Heath played video games with Gavin the other night. Gwen asked me when we were going to watch a chick flick I have on my Netflix listings. We watched it today. Parker said he felt left out and wants a special date too. He really wants to play video games with his dad.

It doesn’t look like we’ll get anymore pool days before school starts. I may not even be interested once school starts. Summer feels like it’s over. Every time Heath watches anything about football I get excited. I’m ready for summer to end and football season to start. If I have to stop playing long enough to get kids ready for school then school should just start along with football. We have had plenty of fun this summer. It feels like June was a million years ago. I’m not ready for the hustle and bustle of school or homework. I am ready for the next season. It’s time. Bring it on.