What is freedom?

Soon summer’s freedom will end and my kids will be chained to a desk again only to have hours of homework as a reward. This does free up my time in a way. I’m not looking forward to it. Soon the house will be all too quiet. The freedom to do anything I want will overwhelm me until it’s too late. Creativity inevitably sparks only when I’m serving my children.

I have a new computer. Heath has been wanting to get me a Surface for a long time. Supposedly it gives me much more freedom. It functions as a laptop so I can blog anywhere I want. That’s the problem though. Writer’s Block. I’ve tried typing with it in the docking station. I’ve tried moving it to my lap. It’s too hot to sit outside. It doesn’t really matter where I go. My bored children always find me. Their last few days of freedom are making them anxious and cranky.

It’s been two days without any mail at all. It could be coincidental. It could also mean the world’s laziest mailman is now in the running for world’s most vindictive mailman. I am free to voice my concerns to his superiors. Apparently he is free to withhold my mail indefinitely.

All I hope is that I am free to write really lame blog posts until real inspiration hits.