As I had imagined, my medication showed up in the mail the same day I had purchased replacement refills. Not a Kaiser problem. Definitely a mail issue. Our mailman continues to not win points.

Heath suggested I take the unopened package to the main post office the next day to let them know what happened. It was clearly marked on the package that it had left Costcoland (not the real name of the city!) on August 7th. I received it after 6:00 pm on August 12th. No joke. Costcoland is six miles from where I live. Six miles. Five days for a package to travel six miles is ridiculous at best. I told the guy at the post office I could walk to Costcoland in less than five days.

I also complained about our notoriously slow mailman. The guy seemed surprised that I would say we receive our mail consistently between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. He was certain our mailman clocks out at 6:00. Unless he’s doing it remotely that ain’t true!

The post office complaint shrink took down information from the package and asked me to write my phone number for him. He said he would look into what happened with the package and call me. The phone has not rang yet. I fully expected a call that day. Now I’ve decided not to hold my breath. Although yesterday I did see a different mailman was delivering. It was still 5:30 pm. Still, it’s progress. Maybe I was heard.

I loved that the post office guy thought he was helping when he told me to request a rush on any medication refills. Not really the problem! I told him that I get a phone call from my insurance company telling me they have shipped my order. Usually I get the package that day or the next day. It has never taken five whole days to receive. And why should it? Six miles, people. Six miles. And the phone still hasn’t rung. Keep breathing. It never will.