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I read in a magazine once that you should do puzzles on a corkboard. The pieces stay in place without sliding around. When you step away from the puzzle you should put the board under a couch or something. Boom! Outa sight! Perfect right? Everyone thinks your kids are the tidiest little monkeys.

Around my house we use a large piece of cardboard. Usually a tri-fold science fair project board or something. That way we can move it from the table to another room so we can eat.

This time I pulled out the Disneyland puzzle and told the kids to go nuts with it. We set up the cardboard on the coffee table in the living room. I can’t resist puzzles so I quickly got in on the action.

Soon it became a friendly contest between Parker and me. Although we are very congratulatory when a difficult hole was filled. We fight over who gets to put pieces in and also high five each other when a different elusive piece is finally found.

We spent all morning puzzling. At one point Parker told me he wanted to stop but since I was still going he was going to wait for me to quit. I kept saying we needed to stop so we could shower for the day. And we just kept snapping pieces in place. Finally I said it was time to take a break. He came up with some contest that whoever found a certain piece first could shower last.

I found the piece and he wrestled me to get it in place first! The next thing I knew we were racing upstairs. I clearly won and even ran in my bathroom to turn on the shower. He didn’t care. He ran into his bathroom and turned on his water too. Gwen told Parker he would have a cold shower since I started my water first. We showered at the same time. My shower was normal. I never did ask what his was like.

He was upset that I would leave the house to go to the Post Office. I promised it would be a quick trip. As soon as I got back we were both in front of that puzzle again. The G’s asked if they could go to the park. They played for a while and we snapped more pieces in place. They came home and we were still in front of that puzzle. There is something so addicting about putting puzzles together. It became a personal challenge to get the whole thing finished before Heath came home. It probably won’t happen but it was a great goal!

Eventually I decided we needed to do something else. Anything else. Gwen did her own hair today for heaven’s sake! The ponytail holder came out a long time ago. We decided to play in the pool. That lasted a short half hour. It’s not a hot day and we were freezing. The kids did their chores. Parker was extra motivated to move quickly. Guess who’s back in front of the puzzle? I told him I would be there soon. “Yes!” he said.

It’s great advice to stow puzzles under a couch. Unfortunately we don’t work that way in my house. Puzzles don’t sit around long. I don’t even care that we had pieces all over the floor in a disorganized pile so we could see each one. No one is coming over today. That’s tomorrow afternoon. By then I’m sure the puzzle will be finished. I gotta go! He’s put together too much!