There is a buzz in the air. A constant hum of anticipation. A zingy feeling of rebelliousness.

Feet sigh frequently. Sometimes in contentment – being bare is wonderful. Sometimes at the thought of suffocating in shoes and socks.

Backpacks and lunchboxes quiver at the thought of being useful again. Jackets smile inside knowing it’s only a matter of time before the weather turns. The fresh smell of new clothes perfumes the air. New shoes impatiently sit in fresh boxes waiting, waiting, waiting …

Email inboxes as well as snail mail boxes slowly fill with messages. The summer silence has been broken.

The buzz grows.

Toys compete for attention. Video games call out in a friendly voice. Bikes take their service for fun seriously. The pool shines like an old friend. If only the days were warmer. Why does August always have a string of cooler days just before kids are trapped in classrooms? That’s always when the weather becomes stifling hot.

Welcome change or fight it? The buzz permeates the air.

The sun rests earlier each night. The moon isn’t as welcome as it had once hoped. Numbers on the clock gain new importance at night. They are largely ignored in the morning. Maybe if sleep is carefully cradled in the morning those early numbers won’t exist.

Last minute vacations are squeezed in as if the last drops of summer are being wrung out for all they’re worth. Did we have enough fun? Is it wrong to be excited for it all to end? Goals for the future vs. a loyalty to the past. The dichotomous debate pounds on like a speeding freight train out of control.

Buzzing, buzzing, buzzing.

It grows in intensity. Some moments it conjures up excitement. Other moments it’s almost paralyzing. All the while it’s there. Constant. Unceasing. There like a guilty conscience, or a trusted friend. Just there.

Soon the dust will settle into a new routine. Until then the buzz will hum and whir, stirring electricity into the hearts of mothers and school children alike. Wait for it …