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I have been absent lately because I have been in my happy place. I heart my outdoor living space. Just to make my happy place that much happier I pulled out a book. I think I deserve some serious credit for not only reading a novel in one day but doing it without ignoring my family. Much.

I read in the morning and throughout the day when I had the chance between running errands and whatnot. Then I finished when we got home in the evening. The sun started to set and I wasn’t finished reading yet. The gazebo lights weren’t bright enough and it wasn’t dark enough for the lights to be more effective. So I went inside and finished reading. I love that book and I really enjoyed reading it outside. I felt like I deserved the break from reality.

An email brought me back to the present. At some point I had to come back. My help was needed for Primary. I thought it was weird the counselor asked me for the monthly scripture because she didn’t have her book. Why wouldn’t she have her book? I gave her the scripture and went to bed.

This morning she thanked me and told me I was wonderful and that she would miss working with me. That’s what I thought. The new Primary Presidency was being put in. Everyone changed but me. I will stay on as the secretary. I didn’t expect the reaction I had. Lots and lots of tears. Only it’s not what you think but that’s all I will say. I look forward to working with the new presidency.

Gwen earned her grand prize from the library reading program. She picked out a book about unicorns. It’s a non-fiction book that she was so excited about. I skimmed it a little when we got home. Later I made sure to tell her that unicorns are not real despite what the book claims to the contrary. The book talks about myths and legends about unicorns. That’s fine. It’s the Biblical references that made me uncomfortable. Gwen is at a very impressionable age and she believes anything that mentions God or any of His Old Testament prophets must be true. With a grain of salt, sweetheart, with a grain of salt.

Parker didn’t have enough hours to get his third prize but he was able to claim the second prize. Gwen wanted more books to check out. Parker was fine with not checking anything out. They are both happy to read whenever they feel like it without having to watch a clock. Gwen is still a bookworm. At least the pressure to read for prizes is gone.

And we had a couple Say Whats last night.

Parker: Do you know what the number one killer is?
Heath and Me: I don’t know, what?
Parker: It’s thinking. I must be dying because I am having quite the conversation in my head!

He’s hysterical. Although I think there is some truth to what he said. As the Kongos say in their song Come With Me Now, “I’ve wasted time I’ve wasted breath I think I’ve thought myself to death.”

Heath: You were the one who ordered the Big Borderito.
Gavin: I didn’t know it would be so big. I thought the picture was just exaggerating.

Then tonight

Gavin: I think I’m finally full. It’s kind of weird.

Finally! We filled Gavin up! He must have been going through a growth spurt because that kid would finish his extra large helping of food then beg for more. This went on for weeks. We went out for Italian one night. He ate an adult entre of spaghetti. He was still hungry so he finished Gwen’s pasta that she had maybe five small bites of. Then he had a piece of Parker’s pizza.

My brother said that running does that to boys. Then he said that he eats as if he’s still on the cross country team and wonders why his clothes are getting too small. That made me laugh. I love my brother.

I can’t think of anything else noteworthy that has happened lately. It’s a fairly boring post with a mishmash of stories but what do you expect when I’ve been in my happy place all week.