All I ever wanted was to have a cozy outdoor space. An extension of the comforts from home right in my backyard.


Ta da!

Is it wrong to be jealous of myself? Or to covet my own stuff? That makes me sound like a spoiled brat. I guess in some ways I am. But a spoiled brat would want more and more and more and never feel satisfied. Whereas I keep pinching myself to see if my own life is real.

It’s a simple space that is not very big. It is incredible how comfortable and peaceful it is. I love it! It’s all I ever wanted that space to be. I wanted an outdoor living room and now I have it.

I’m grateful things worked out the crazy way that they did because I can see now that we don’t need a coffee table. There’s no room for one. I’m also grateful we could only afford the pieces we got because I needed to see those pieces in the space. Now we can really think through what last piece of furniture we want, if we want anything else at all. I would like another ottoman at least.

So the story is we went to a store that exclusively sells patio furniture. We went there first. I fell in love with a set. Parker tried to convince me I loved another set but I didn’t. The cushions felt like sinking into a dreamy cloud but other than that I loved nothing about the set. The set I fell in love with also had luxurious cushions plus the beautiful color and frames.

I was ready to drop all my money right then and there. Heath is not a very impulsive shopper. He likes to research everything. It’s one reason why I don’t like to buy him gifts. I’m afraid I won’t get the right thing. I just tell him what I want him to have and tell him to get it. That way he can enjoy the process of researching and anticipating the item. Anyway, Heath told me it was the first store and we should shop around.

The saleswoman who was helping us had written up the sizes of every piece in the set along with the prices. We planned on taking the paper home and visualizing with masking tape. I had sticker shock with the prices but she did say she could work with us and we could probably get a deal based on what we chose.

We went to home improvement stores and Sears looking at their patio furniture. Nothing felt right. I felt like I was settling with every set. Nothing was quite right and if I’m going to make a major purchase I better like what I’m getting. I was feeling discouraged but Heath had one more trick up his sleeve. We looked at the myriad of choices on Costco.com. I learned what I preferred and eventually narrowed down my loves to one set.

Heath ordered the furniture and I floated around the house for a couple days imagining my new furniture. Costco burst my bubble when they let us know via email there was an issue with the order. We jumped through their hoops trying to reach someone to fix whatever the problem was. We didn’t even really know. They were not as proactive in responding. No one ever got back to us. The order showed it had been cancelled.

So we started all over. Again there was an issue. Heath suspected it was because we have a daily limit on our debit card. Costco won’t take credit cards. The weird thing was our daily limit was higher than the purchase price, including tax and fees. Once again the order mysteriously cancelled. Fine! There would be no third time charm. I was mad and wanted to spend my money on furniture. If Costco didn’t want it they weren’t going to get it!

Heath took me back to the first patio store. We did a loop around the store just to be sure. The more I looked the more I knew I loved that first set. There was a second set that tempted me for a minute but I was able to quickly talk myself out of it. I can’t even remember what it was I didn’t like as much as the first set. I just knew that first set was it.

We decided which pieces we wanted and the same saleslady put together the price. We had a magic number in mind but the total was much higher. To save a significant amount of money we told her to scratch the second action rocker chair. The total was under our magic number. To make the deal even sweeter, she said the furniture would be delivered in about a week to ten days! I was thrilled. But she said they were behind and it may take up to two weeks for delivery. Ten days later I got my furniture.

I don’t know why things worked out the way they did. It worked out for the best. I could not be happier.


The ottoman roves. At one point today three of us used it at the same time.


In preparation for our dream furniture, Heath bought me these lantern lights. He spotted them at Lowe’s and said, “Those are so Tristan!”


Last Saturday we moved the rope lighting to the center of the gazebo and hung the lanterns around the edge. It’s surprising how much light there is in that gazebo at night. It’s quite nice.


The side tables were on sale at the patio store. I love them. They have ice buckets in the center for Diet Coke and other soft drinks (since we don’t drink alcohol). The ice buckets weren’t a selling point for me though. I just love the tables. They are gorgeous. They are made of the same aluminum as the furniture frames. Lightweight but sturdy and oh so beautiful.


My other favorite feature in the gazebo is this lantern. It’s actually a blue-tooth speaker. Lowe’s had one displayed on a patio table. We asked an employee where we could find one. Since it’s the end of the season they only had two left in the store. One was the display in our hands and the other was on the doorbell and outdoor lighting aisle.

We looked exactly where the computer said it was located but it wasn’t there. I wandered up toward the decorative lanterns just to see. That’s when I spotted the last box sitting on a shelf in the wrong place. We snatched it up and replaced the display.

The lantern is awesome. I play Pandora on my phone and the sound comes out in beautifully rich tones from the speaker. I can hear the music from the pool which is so cool. I’m glad I haven’t bought any lanterns at Hobby Lobby. Lanterns seem to be all the rage right now. I love the look but wasn’t sure what to do with an expensive candle holder. This speaker was cheaper than the lanterns at Hobby Lobby and it plays music while looking fancy. I love it!


We decided to put this sling back chair in the corner for extra seating. Heath keeps telling me that I need to get pillows and while I’m at it I should get some cushions for this chair so it matches and is just as comfortable to sit in. I put a body pillow on it today just for the fun of it.

The whole space is perfect. I have the drapes, the rug, the wonderful seating, gorgeous tables, and my lovely floral display. Not to mention the extra shade from the lattice. I love this whole space. I have enjoyed a cool beverage. I started reading The Secret Garden to Gwen. I even napped a little. It’s lovely in my outdoor living space. *sigh* Does it get any better than this?

Heath worked from home today and will again tomorrow. He says he may have to take his laptop out to the gazebo.