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So many stories, so little time. Yesterday was a day. Today was a day. Then today ended in a situation I will find funny later. Right now, not so much.

I have been looking forward to new patio furniture for weeks. Actually months. Really I have been wanting new patio furniture for years. All that waiting found its happy ending in new furniture being delivered today!

It wasn’t nearly as exciting as I had hoped. I felt lost. I wanted to sit and enjoy it but I had laundry to do and a playdate this afternoon. Crap! I just realized I haven’t even sent out my Primary reminder emails yet. It’s been a day.

Finally the day was done. Heath was home, dinner had been consumed, and we were outside sitting and talking in our lovely gazebo. The conversation was cut short when Heath had to take Gavin to his youth activity. I thought we all should go together but I didn’t say anything. I should have known that Heath would take a long time talking to people. It was a five ward youth activity at a nearby park. I should have known he would find people to talk to if not join the games himself.

Parker, Gwen and I were sitting outside enjoying the new furniture. I finished my Diet Coke. Parker wanted to watch Psych together. This is something we have been doing lately on Wednesday evenings while Gavin is away. Gwen walked over with knee pads on. She wanted to ride her scooter but she couldn’t get to her helmet. It was locked in the garage.

Why the garage door was shut is beyond me. It was another 105 degree day and I had the door open with the rolling garage door open a crack to vent the oven otherwise known as our garage. Not only was the door shut but it was locked. What? Gwen couldn’t open the sliding glass door. The door is tricky to open and the kids sometimes need help. Parker got up to help her but he couldn’t get the door to budge either. I tried it and found it was locked.

We were locked out.

Gwen realized she needed to use the bathroom. I could have used some relief myself. We patiently waited for Heath to come home.

Still no Heath.

We were in the front yard hoping he would round the corner any minute to let us in. Parker wanted to walk up the street to wave him down. I tried to explain that it wouldn’t matter if he hadn’t left the park yet. Parker tried to shimmy his way under the crack in the garage door. The crack wasn’t big enough. Gwen tried. Her head was ever so slightly too big to fit the crack.

We were locked out.

All the windows were shut and locked. The front door was shut and locked. I am neurotic about locking things. We may live in a very nice neighborhood but I’m not stupid.

I wanted to be mad at Heath but I blame Gavin. I got after him for leaving doors wide open. When we got home from the water park this afternoon he had left the doors from the garage into the laundry room and house wide open. I was bringing in garbage cans and didn’t notice until I was done. I didn’t even yell at him. I just told him that next time he should remember to shut the doors because open doors let all the cool air outside and it’s a waste of energy. He seemed to understand.

When he was ready to go to his activity Heath walked in the sliding door first. Gavin followed leaving it wide open. I jokingly asked if anyone was going to shut the door and then I said that Gavin has had a habit of leaving doors open lately. He sure showed me! Heath shut the sliding glass door and must have locked it out of habit. I still don’t know why the back door to the garage was shut at all much less locked.

At 7:30 I considered walking my kids to the park to use the bathroom. The only problem was I was the only one with shoes on. What was I going to do let them take turns wearing my shoes into the bathroom while I waited outside? And how was I supposed to relieve my full bladder? Let my kids stand outside the restroom waiting for me? Shoeless?

We decided to see if our neighbors were home. The next door neighbors were gone of course. They asked us to water their plants for them. Our other friends didn’t look like they were home based on the cars in their driveway. It was worth a shot. We walked over and Margo answered the door. I told her we were locked out and I asked if we could use her phone.

Heath laughed when I told him our predicament. I guess it is funny when it’s not you. He said he would come home right away. Of course we stayed inside to talk to our friends. It would be weird not to. She kept asking if we needed dinner or anything. I told her we were fine but it was just annoying being locked out when some of us needed to use the bathroom. Gwen used their facilities. I should have but I waited.

When Heath got home we weren’t there. He didn’t know where we were. He assumed I had called from those neighbors’ phone but he wasn’t sure. He redialed the number I called from and had the confirmation he needed as to which house we were at.

Heath: Say this out loud. Parker you have something in the mail from Woot.
Ron: Uh … Parker you have something in the mail from Woot.

Ron didn’t even finish before Parker’s face lit up like the lights at a stadium and he took off running with Gwen on his heels. Margo just looked at me with a what just happened look on her face. I explained that Parker wanted to spend his birthday money on a Woot shirt. Gwen walked back in and said it was all a trick. The shirt was really her dad’s. Then Heath came over to show off the new shirt fresh out of the package. We talked some more because it would be weird not to. We love Ron and Margo.

Finally we were done talking with our friends. Heath wanted to change out of his work clothes. I said I needed to finish laundry. Which was true but my floating teeth were more of a concern.

I love my new furniture. It’s awesome and I will write the post I have been drafting in my head when I get the chance. New furniture kind of loses its appeal when the choice to leave it is taken away. When you can’t get in the house nothing else seems to matter. I heart my indoor furniture too. And my bathroom!