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Gavin has changed almost as if overnight. He has a quiet confidence about him. You should have seen him pass the sacrament yesterday. He bravely puts himself out there for the good of the team. During Priesthood Opening Exercises the deacons were asked to have a spokesperson talk about Scout Camp. Gavin and Matt were the only ones who went. Matt asked Gavin if he wanted to do it. He didn’t do it to pass the buck or anything. He was giving Gavin the opportunity if he wanted it. Gavin took it. He stood up and boldly told stories of camp.

He wasn’t able to help set up the Primary room since he was learning the passing routes. After church was over he came into the Primary room asking how he could help.

Gavin: I am ready to help. What can I do?

We tried to ask the Primary President’s husband if we could carry things out to his car. He kept blowing us off. I was confused until his wife walked in the room. We asked her if we could help carry her decorations to her car. Her husband said he didn’t even recognize any of the stuff as theirs. We were willing to help but between the two of them they gathered it all up and walked out.

Throughout the day Gavin will ask if he can help me in any way. Without asking he grabbed the large outdoor garbage can yesterday.

Me: What are you doing?
Gavin: I’m going to throw away the fruit that’s on the ground.
Me: That’s nice but we’re going to church in an hour. Can’t you do this tomorrow?

It turns out he had slipped in the fruit and his pants were covered in red sludge. Why he was playing outside just before church was a moment of mental relapse I suppose. I do appreciate his willingness to correct the problem. Today I told the kids to do it. Gavin wanted to do it all himself. While he is definitely different he is still the same old Gavin. A chip off his mom’s block. I don’t always like help either. I made all three of them work on the fruit together.

My favorite Gavin story happened at dinner last night. Out of the blue he said that he felt the Spirit at camp. I guess he was talking with some boys and they were telling personal spiritual stories. Gavin said he had felt the Holy Ghost before but this time he definitely felt it. I thought that was pretty cool. Even his prayers seem more thoughtful.

He doesn’t seem to be going through the motions. He is very present and aware in his life as a new priesthood holder.

I noticed a positive change in him when he started middle school. It was as if he decided that he was going to do this school thing and that he would do it well. I saw him step outside of himself and try new things. He had the same attitude with Scouts. I love how he set goals for himself and got to work to accomplish those goals. He earned seven merit badges at camp this last week!

I see him have the same determined mindset as a new youth in church. After he learned the passing routes he practiced singing with the youth who had a musical number planned for the Sacrament Meeting program. He passed the sacrament for the first time ever and later in the meeting he walked up with the rest of the 12-17 year olds and sang.

He’s still the same Gavin. He still fights with his brother and sister and he still makes silly mistakes. Somehow he has changed though. He is a little bit different. More mature and certainly much taller. It’s nice that he is different. He’s my size which makes him feel like more of a peer than my child I need to yell at! He’s a great kid. We’re all happy to have him home.