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I feel like I have been sticky for days. It’s because the weather has been so hot lately. Hot I can handle. It’s the heat combined with the humidity that really does me in. Right about now I would welcome cement boogers just to escape this humidity!

It was a fairly cloudy day today which meant we never cooled down overnight. The clouds were like a Tupperware lid keeping the heat and moisture locked in tight. The clouds were welcome throughout the day. With a bit of a breeze and the sun hiding behind clouds it was almost pleasant outside.

Heath and his dad had plans to build on to our gazebo platform. The plan was to put lattice around the sides that get the most wind and sun in the afternoon. They started working this morning and I sort of wandered out there. I love home improvement projects and I just couldn’t stay away.

They let me play with them. I helped screw these gigantic screws through huge pillars and into the platform. It’s amazing how hard that actually was. It helped when we bought a new ratchet. The size was finally right and the handle was longer. It didn’t dig into my hand nearly as much.

It took most of the day but we finished the lattice screen as planned. We still need to put some 2×4’s on top to help secure some of the lattice. But it’s basically done.

With the extra clouds it was hard to tell if the inside of the gazebo was nice because of the cooler day or because we did something good. I hope it’s because we did something good. When the sun did peek out we noticed there was a lot more shade in the gazebo. I think this might be the beginning of something wonderful.

And to think I called the gazebo my sanctuary when there was no platform. There was a concrete step from the back door in the middle of everything that took up all the space and I still called it my sanctuary! We keep improving it bit by bit. It is becoming much more inviting and wonderful. The savings on our energy bill are certainly welcome too.

Heath relaxed in the pool when we finished working. I stayed sticky. Grandma deserves the grand prize though. She played with the kids all day long. Between popsicle drips and no sense of personal space, the kids were the stickiest!