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Moist hands are usually a sign of stress. Elbows don’t normally drip. Most people don’t often take walks in the middle of the day during a heat wave. We did.

My phone registered the temperature at 88 degrees just before our walk. The app isn’t always the most accurate. I believe it was hotter than that. Still, I warned the kids that it was already really hot outside. Did they really want to walk to Mr. Pickles? Yes they did.

In hindsight I maybe should have talked more about it. Maybe I should have helped them understand that walking a mile to pick up lunch when it’s a million degrees outside isn’t that fun. Maybe I should have suggested we drive and eat in the comfort of our own air conditioned home. But I didn’t. And we walked.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Fair. It’s supposed to be the hottest day of the week and we’re going to the Fair. If we’re lucky it won’t be too crowded. Middle of the week, broiling hot, we could get lucky with a less crowded experience. As I walked with my kids in the blazing sun I told them it was good practice for our day at the Fair. They were happy on the way to the sandwich shop.

Coming back was another story altogether.

As soon as we left the shop Gavin started on his soda. He’s no dummy. We got to the playground we wanted to picnic at. It was crawling with red t-shirts. Obviously some group of kids were on a field trip to the park. I assumed there would be more of them at the picnic tables. I really didn’t want to crash their party so we walked on.

Poor Gwen was dying. She never really complained about the heat. She was hungry and tired and really wanted her juice. Gavin didn’t have much of his drink left by the time we made it to the next playground. Unfortunately it was the wrong time of day. The whole playground was in full sun. Normally that’s a great playground because the trees shade it so well. Normally we don’t go there at lunchtime either.

There were two picnic tables but they were in full sun too. I let Gwen sit down for a minute to rest. Then we continued our trek through the park. Parker and I were thinking we would just go home. Why bother stopping at the last playground by our house when we could just finish going home?

We got to the last playground and saw our friends were still there. As we started our adventure we saw our friends. It was strange because a kid said hi to us as we walked toward the park. I didn’t know who he was but he was friendly so I waved. Then another kid said, “Hi Gavin!” We had taken enough steps closer that I finally recognized them as Luke and Blake. They were sitting on a blanket in the shade while their brothers played on the playground. We exchanged pleasantries as I kept walking with my kids.

Our friends were still there after our extra long trip to eat. I decided it made sense to stop and hang out with them. We swarmed the picnic table and the kids dove into their food. Well Gavin dove into his sandwich. The other two took long swigs. Gavin was out of drink by this time and had nothing else to do but eat. Gwen finished her whole juice box before unwrapping her sandwich.

I talked with Carissa and Sara a little bit. Then they started gathering their things and their kids. We had joined the party just as they were leaving! Carissa did say that they hang out at the park every Tuesday and we were welcome to join them anytime. I’m thinking next time we can skip the pilgrimage to Mr. Pickles.

Our friends left and we finished eating. I told the kids we should go home and hop in the pool. Once again they needed to rest first. They asked if I could read to them. So I started a very girly book. Weeks ago Gwen watched some gymnast movie on Netflix. I told her I have a whole series of books called The Gymnasts that she might like. These are books I bought as a child. They were so similar to the movie’s plot that I knew Gwen would like them. The boys did not like the book. I didn’t figure they would. They listened because they were too tired to get up and leave!

Gwen and Parker were happy to mark off two more steps on their library reading program cards. We all got into our suits to play in the pool. The water wasn’t even cool and refreshing. It was warm and lovely, don’t get me wrong. But I didn’t feel any cooler after being in the pool. It was just another day on the sun. Heath said he saw 103 in his car on the way home from work. Yeah that’s hot!