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There was no schedule. May the winds of fancy blow as they may.

Sleeping in has become our new norm. It’s summer so I don’t even care! The kids play together while I go through my morning routine. I could hear their footsteps in the gazebo. I don’t know what they were playing but they were having fun.

Gwen asked if she could watch a DVD while I did her hair. Yesterday she watched the story of Ruth from the Living Scriptures. She thought Ruth was a girl worth emulating and admiring. The best part for Gwen was when I told her that because of Ruth’s choices she met Boaz. They married and through their line Christ was born. That blew Gwen’s mind. She grabbed The King is Born to watch next. That was the movie she wanted to watch today.

At the end of June we watched the story of Christ’s birth. The boys gravitated to the family room. It’s interesting how the kids can’t hear us call them when they are in their bedrooms but they always know when the TV is on. They slowly filter in and find a seat to watch. Even though it wasn’t a popular TV cartoon they were mesmerized.

Each video ends with a quiz. We took all three versions of the quiz scoring 97, 98, and 100 out of 100. We missed one question giving us a score of 98. The 97 was because we used our “helps.” I refuse to call them cheats because it’s important to know where to find answers. The kids were bummed that we lost a point each time we watched the video clip or checked the scripture reference to find the correct answer. I told them that in real life it’s okay if they need to look up an answer. We talked about all the ways they could do that if someone asked them a gospel question they didn’t have a ready answer for. During the questions Gwen would refer to her Girls Who Choose God book for answers. They know where to find answers and that’s a good thing.

It was so cool to discuss scriptural stories with my kids. The bonus questions are always from a video clip of a different scriptural story. One clip was about Abraham sacrificing Isaac. We talked about why the Lord would ask Abraham to do that. Parker realized it was a test to see how much Abraham was willing to follow the Lord. They liked that story. Another clip was about David being chosen to be king. Gwen realized it was the same David I had told her about and that Jesus came through that line. The circle was complete. She put another DVD out to watch tomorrow. I don’t know how long this will last but I figure it’s a worthwhile way to spend time with my kids each morning.

After lunch we dropped off some library books. I told the kids I would take them to a park on the way home. Gwen has been telling us about the park getting a new playground. We thought we would check it out.


The new playground equipment is pretty cool. I have never seen anything quite like it. It seems to invite creativity. Gavin said the play structures in the front playground (there is another one on the other side of the bridge) were an obstacle course. It’s definitely set up like one. It also looks like it’s begging for kids to pretend the ground is hot lava. My kids did both.


It was warmer outside than I originally thought. This park is located on the surface of the sun. It’s a park that I love to go to in the winter on a sunny day. The temperature is perfect that way. In the summer the heat is intense. There is not a drop of shade anywhere on the playground. So in the summer you really should only go to this park in the morning or to play in the water. Only the splash pad has been turned off due to drought.

red-faceThe drinking fountains were turned off years ago. Parker was dying of thirst. Sitting in the shade didn’t even help. His face was beet red and he was visibly sweating so we left. I was impressed we had lasted as long as we did on the surface of the sun.

He was pretty upset I would take his picture when we got home. You can’t really tell how red his face was. It reminded me that my mom said I was the reason why my parents bought a swamp cooler. She said when I was a baby my face would get so red in the summer heat it was almost purple. They felt bad that I was so hot and miserable so they broke down and bought a swamp cooler. Parker looked like misery personified.

I told the kids they could have a frozen treat and then we could swim in the pool. Parker was so zapped from the heat he just wanted to lay down. So I finished reading Bad Unicorn. I read for a couple hours with a 30 minute nap in the middle. That book puts me to sleep! But we finished. The boys loved the book. Gwen and I were confused and bored by it. It was a fun story though. Definitely perfect for the 8-12 year old boy crowd.

I was feeling like we had wasted our afternoon. So I have hardly any steps on my Fitbit, big deal. We had a great day! And how would I rather my kids sit around the house? Watching TV for a couple hours doing nothing or playing quietly while I read to them? They love having me read out loud to them. That is our favorite summer tradition.