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Gwen wanted to pose in front of the minions. This is the movie Parker wants to watch for his birthday. I think it looks cute. So far I have liked all the minion movies.

What we did watch was Tomorrowland. That was a really fun movie. I really liked it. I never know how to talk about movies though. I’m afraid if I say anything I will spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. I loved the sci-fi and the creativity and ingenuity of the characters. I loved the robots. They were so polite and friendly yet they were the bad guys. It was nice when they kept losing their heads. That was fun.

I really liked the scene when Frank told Casey she would lose 95% of her blood sugar in a matter of seconds. “It will make you feel like you want to die but you’ll be okay.” So true! And I love how she more or less crawled out of the vessel then chugged two Cokes. Athena opened one and Casey chugged it in two seconds. Frank took the other one for himself and Casey took it out of his hands to chug it just as fast as the first one. It was funny because I’ve been there. I know exactly how she felt.

The timing of the movie wasn’t great. It started at 11:50. The kids slept in this morning. I kept wondering if I should just wake them up so we could fit in lunch before leaving. I let them sleep in. Gwen and Parker were up around 8:30 and Gavin finally graced us with his presence a little after 9:00. Late lunch it is!

I told the kids to have a snack before we left. They ate a little but not much. It’s like they had just had breakfast or something. So I filled three sandwich baggies full of animal crackers. The snacks made my purse look a little weird. It was too obviously full. I knew if anyone asked I could just tell them I’m diabetic and need the snacks. In the end I took a bigger purse. It was full of animal cracker bags, rock hard fruit snacks because they’re old, and a couple packs of gum. I was ready for anything.

My kids are old enough to sit through a movie without getting all fussy so I never did give anyone any gum. Gwen said she needed to use the bathroom. She had gone before we left and I made everyone go again as soon as we got our tickets. How could she need to go again? I gave her a bag of crackers thinking that might help. Maybe absorb the extra moisture in her body or something!

It worked for a while but she asked to go again. I could see she really was antsy and probably needed to go. I was annoyed I had to leave with her in the middle of a movie she has seen before but I haven’t. It was good I took her when I did. She clearly needed the potty break. At least she was quick about things. It doesn’t sound like I missed too much.

I offered Gavin some crackers. He ate them all and he hates animal crackers. Parker was the cutest though. When I offered him some he told me he wasn’t very hungry. When we got home he was very hungry and said he should have had some crackers. But he was afraid we would get caught! How funny is that! He knew I had packed a bunch of snacks for everyone. I had told him not to tell anyone because technically you’re not supposed to sneak in food. They want people to spend more money on popcorn, candy, and drinks. I love Parker. He’s too funny.

The movie was much longer than I thought it would be. We got home around 2:30 and lunch was ready several minutes later. Tomorrow we’ll have to eat three normal meals at normal times. The movie was worth it though. That was a fun way to spend a couple hours. It was a great movie too. I loved it.