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Gwen was posing to show off her new haircut. We were both in need of a trim so I set up an appointment for the two of us to go in this afternoon. I can’t believe how much this girl has grown up. Her hair is so long and pretty too. She didn’t have much cut off. Melanie gave her a few layers and round brushed it to style it.

These pictures kill me a little. She looks all grown up. She looks like my sister and dare I say, me! I don’t need a picture of my new haircut. Just look up and imagine an extra 30 years. I was looking forward to pulling Gwen’s hair back in a ponytail or braid as soon as we got home. Nobody is interested in playing in the pool today so I guess Gwen can look ten years older a little longer.

On Sunday the Primary kids sang to the fathers for Father’s Day. Gwen had asked me to curl her hair that day. She hated the experience the first time I did it for her just before Mother’s Day. This time she had a book to read. I listened to a couple speakers from the Time Out for Women Conference BYU TV was replaying. An hour passed before either of us even noticed. Her hair looked awesome! All gorgeous with shiny cascading waves down her back.

Michelle commented to Heath about Gwen later. She wondered when Gwen had gotten so tall and beautiful. Actually Joe was sitting behind us and he mentioned how tall Gwen was too. She had wedge heeled sandals on but still. She towers over all the Junior Primary kids. She is growing up too fast.

After our afternoon at the salon – doesn’t that sound so fancy? – we went to the library. Gwen has earned her first 10 hour reading prize. She has zoomed through the whole Sugar and Spice Fairy series in less than a week. We picked up what we could find of the other fairy series. We picked up the Dance Fairies and the Princess Fairies. Both sets are missing one book. I don’t think they have to be read in order. Each series seems to be about a particular type of fairy. She says they’re mysteries because you never know what the goblins will do.

I just loving seeing her read so much. She reads a book a night. The books are very thin. She was very excited to get her first prize. It was a balsa wood airplane and a coupon for a free personal pizza at Round Table.

Parker really wants the prizes too but he doesn’t find much joy in reading. He gets 30 minutes a night when we read the scriptures together as a family but not much else. He and I put together the airplane for Gwen. I’m not good with constructing even the simplest of things. He felt better being able to touch the plane.


Gwen has had fun flying it all afternoon while Parker is back to scrapbooking. He is working on drawing Disney villains after drawing Disney heroes this morning. He’s so good at cartooning!