I’m in a yellow shirt. It has nothing to do with the Warriors winning. I don’t even like basketball. So much so that it took me until just recently to learn that my state cheers for the Warriors. It’s embarrassing, yes, but I didn’t know. Or care. The same time I figured out about the Warriors was when I figured out what dub nation means. I know. It’s like I just don’t care.

When Heath was in Michigan I let the kids stay up late to watch Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. The following Tuesday I forgot about the show so we didn’t see the end of one player’s turn. I made sure to set up a series recording so we could enjoy it this summer. It’s the only new show on that is worth watching right now and everything else is syndicated repeats. Basketball foiled my plans this week.

At least the games are over. It only took a series of 15 million games to reach a final conclusion but the Warriors won. The whole state is dressed up in yellow and blue and celebrating. The news is quite fluffy. It’s like this championship win that was 40 years in the making has made the world a better place. At least in the Bay Area. All the news people can talk about is basketball, the parade, news from other states, basketball, weather, traffic, (both infused heavily with talk of basketball), and then they get the sports guy out at night to officially talk about basketball. Given how I don’t care, you can see why my head is exploding.

Explosions everywhere all over again when I saw an ad for The Big Bang Theory and how it will be shown at a special new time. Why? Because every sport known to man is now in a championship competition. Soccer, golf, and even hockey believe it or not. Do you remember when sports had reasonable seasons? Now they seem to bleed into each other with seasons that last the greater part of the year. The next thing you know football will start in June and run until May. I love football. Well, college football anyway. It is amazing to me how long these seasons can last. “We’re breaking out the shorts again, they’re not done yet?”

Parker believes that the most popular team always wins. That is just too funny. It does make sense from his perspective. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Giants won the World Series three times in the last six years. Now the Warriors have won some basketball championship against the Cavaliers. And these teams are taking over everything. Their colors, the players, their adorable toddlers, it’s everywhere! Dub Nation has been painted on the side of a building graffiti style. It’s not likely anyone could forget but just in case there is the building to remind us.

Gwen still has a soft spot for the Oakland A’s because she went to a game for a field trip. Heath has been tuning into baseball lately. Something about Seattle is playing their own 15 million game series against the San Francisco Giants. If she doesn’t say something about the A’s she will at least ask who we should cheer for. My vote is for nobody but I keep my comments to myself. Heath is nice enough to only switch over when my show is on commercial.

The other day Gwen was surprised to see baseball teams playing at the park by our house. To be honest, I was too. I thought the whole city shut down for the summer since half the citizens go on international trips for the entire summer. Apparently the good teams come out to play in the summer. That’s when they have their championship type games and games where recruiters come to watch. Not only baseball but soccer. Good for them. At least the parking tends to stay in the park and not spill out onto the street.

My yellow shirt was an accident. I guess I looked like a fan to the moms in the park planning a trip to the parade tomorrow via BART. Really I could not care less about any of it! It’s always fun when the team I’m cheering for wins. When it’s professional teams playing sports I hate, being on the outside of all the hype can feel strange. So I’m in a yellow shirt and it means nothing.