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Our no technology week is taking off nicely. All except for waking up to Parker’s Kindle alarm at 5:00 am. That made for an early start to my first day off of morning responsibilities. Parker was allowed to log onto his Kindle long enough to turn off the blasted alarm. By the time Heath suggested he do that the battery had died. Even better!

Gwen colored her Frozen Elsa bag while I finished studying the scriptures. Parker helped her color the tight spaces like Elsa’s eyes. Those two are so funny. They love and hate each other so passionately all day long. Jealousy drives most of their mood swings. It also played a role in Parker’s help. He couldn’t watch Gwen work on her craft alone when he already finished his days ago.

Gavin had the hardest time with his technology abstinence diet. The kids were playing board games and having a lot of fun together. Parker pointed out how interesting it was that suddenly they were into games. Gavin darkly replied that it was because there was nothing else to do! Poor kid. He’ll live. This rule has definitely forced them to be more creative and to work together. The squabbles are still there but they seem to be less. Maybe I’m making that up but it sure feels like the kids have been getting along better.

I did let Gavin take his cell phone on his run this morning. He uses the Endomondo app to track his progress. Plus if he’s dying on the sidewalk in the middle of the park I want to know about it. I also let him take his phone with him when we went on a walk through the park later this morning.

Note to self: don’t invite the kids on another walk.

I just wanted some exercise. I have been bad at taking time to walk lately. My weight slowly crept up in the weeks leading up to Disneyland because of some medication I was temporarily on. Even with walking my weight and blood sugar steadily increased. It was very frustrating. I was able to quit the pills just before we left on our trip yet somehow my weight is hovering in a range I don’t like and it’s threatening to spill into a number I swore I would never allow on my scale again.

With stars in my eyes and the joys of summer stretching before me I thought it would be nice to invite the kids to join me. The idea was prettier in my head. I honestly expected the kids to play at the playground while I walked on my own. Gavin could text me pictures of Gwen burying herself in the sand while he asked if I was fine with it. He has done that before and it makes me laugh. But the boys decided they wanted to hang out with me. Gwen had other ideas in mind. Being the youngest she had to tag along. She made sure to let us all know how she felt about it. In her defense it was cold. It’s been windy and cool all day.

Tomorrow I will walk on my own without my little ducklings quacking along beside me. Either that or we all go on a bike ride. It’s much more fun than walking although I prefer walking because I feel like I get more exercise.

Gwen-readingGwen and Parker signed up for the summer reading program at the library. Gavin said he would read but he didn’t want to track his progress for the library. Fair enough. I let the kids choose two chapter books each. Gavin is reading our personal copy of the Lord of the Rings so he didn’t need anything. Gwen has already finished one book and is almost finished with the other. I am not surprised. She loves reading. We may be back at the library tomorrow! This time we’ll check out a few more books if she’s going to be such a fast little bookworm.

I tried to read to the kids after I finished a long phone call to my sister. They were all drawing while they listened. I managed to get a little over 30 minutes out before I fell asleep. The kids kept working on their masterpieces while I drifted in and out of consciousness listening to their colored pencils softly scraping across the pages.

My blood sugar was crazy high. Lunch was a total bust. The corn dogs did not cook enough in the oven according to the directions and they turned rubbery in the microwave when I realized they were cold. It was an awful mess. I overcompensated for the large amounts of insulin on board because I was good and pre-bolused. Sleeping off the high was all my body would let me do. We’ll try the reading thing again later.

The kids are all getting their TV fix right now. Heath said if I was going to be on the computer he was going to watch TV. I didn’t think we agreed to this technology diet. He was joking and we both knew we would probably watch TV each night with the kids anyway. Just as long as they aren’t glued to a screen during the day we’re good.