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I no longer have a fourth grader. He has graduated to the fifth grade. I’m not okay with that! I’m even more not okay with Gwen moving on to second grade. Mrs. M told me a couple times that it’s not too late to have another baby! She wouldn’t mind teaching another one of my kids. Except that’s not going to happen. I think we’ll both have to settle for me tutoring for her again. She gave me a gift for being a “star volunteer.” That was very sweet of her.

Mrs. O was the best teacher for Parker. They had a really fun year together. I can’t believe he’s going into the fifth grade. I wonder what his teacher will be like. So far he has been blessed with teachers who love everything about him. He has never suffered any consequences because his teachers love him so much! Mrs. O was quite exceptional. She had so much fun with that class.

What kills me about Gwen going into second grade is I never wanted her to be that age. All I ever cared about was her going to kindergarten and then first grade. After that she was supposed to stop growing! Yet here we are. Oh boy.

Then there’s Gavin. In three weeks he turns 12! I have been fine with every age and stage of his life so far. This whole turning 12 thing is a little crazy. Next year he will be in seventh grade. He’s a little worried because he’s heard rumors that the homework is intense. I’ve heard those stories too. I guess we’ll wait and see.

The middle school students were asked not to bring a backpack the last day. Gavin felt so light and free without having to carry more than half his weight on his back. Unfortunately he has lost yet another water bottle. With the no backpack rule I didn’t even notice he had lost another water bottle the day before. That’s frustrating. He could have looked for it on the last day.

I love this kid but he drives me crazy with the number of water bottles, jackets, and even gym clothes he has lost throughout the year. He’s the kind of kid who would forget his own head if it wasn’t already attached to his neck! He borrowed one of Gwen’s crowns for a class performance this last week. I don’t know what possessed him to do this but he told the kid who used it that he could have it. So the kid walked off with it. We had a stern conversation about it at home. The next day Gavin asked the kid for it back but of course the response was that he lost it. Words cannot express how upset I am by this.

Since the last day was a minimum day we had all afternoon to hang out together as a family. We played in the pool and hung out together. Heath had the day off because he and Gwen had plans to go camping. But Heath has a nasty chest cold and wasn’t feeling up to camping. Instead he took Gwen out for a daddy daughter date while I hung out with the boys.

Gwen was so cute about the date. She changed into her nicest t-shirt and a skirt after playing in the pool. While I was fixing her hair she asked if her dad was also going to dress up. “I wonder if Dad will wear a green shirt and tacky pants.” Tacky pants! She meant khaki pants. He came down in a t-shirt and shorts. Gwen decided it was fine that he didn’t dress up for their date.

They went to a nice restaurant and to the movies to watch Tomorrowland. It was the only kid friendly movie playing! The boys and I ordered pizza and watched The Village on Netflix. We have been planning on watching that movie for weeks now. Gwen is too young to watch such a suspenseful movie. The boys were so excited to watch with me. Parker slept through most of it. He pretty much only woke up when I squeezed him during the scary parts. I let him sit on my lap hoping to keep him awake. It didn’t work. But every time I jumped he was right there to squeeze. Poor kid!

One of our summer traditions is I take the kids to a craft store to pick out a project. The very idea of it has been burning a hole in Parker’s mind. He finally wore us down and we went to Hobby Lobby yesterday. Heath was very clear that the kids could not work on their projects until Monday. Parker chose not to hear that. He came home and snuck his model car up to his room. A little while later he came down to triumphantly show me the finished car! Now Gwen is losing her mind because she wants to start coloring the Frozen Elsa purse she chose.

Gavin couldn’t care less about any of it. He agreed to a model car because he thought he had to pick something. But he doesn’t care. Money means nothing to him because he wants for nothing. That’s the most irritating part of him losing things and basically giving away one of Gwen’s toys. He can do extra chores but it’s not painful for him. It certainly doesn’t hurt him to not have the money. So I get to learn all his lessons. I get to buy new stuff and feel the pit in my stomach when he loses things. It doesn’t bother him. As long as there is a computer screen in front of his face he’s good.

We already decided the first week of summer vacation will be a technology free week. That might be hard on Gavin. It will be hard for Parker and Gwen to not watch TV all day. Other than that they will be fine.

The kids seem to be burning through everything at an alarming rate. All the games have already been played. Toys are all taken out. Coloring books, art projects, all of it is already out and they are now bored of it. I think I’m in for a long summer!