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Coke’s ad campaign is share with … and they put different names, or hug, or kiss, or an emoticon. This week I have been enjoying special Diet Coke. Every bottle said “share with hug” or “share with kiss.” Heath bought the 6 pack for me before he left on his trip to Michigan for a career building conference.

He didn’t look for a 6 pack with perfectly worded sentiments. We just got lucky. He told me to think of him every time I had one. I definitely did.

The 6 pack is gone and Heath is nearly home. It’s been a long and short week while I have held the fort down. This was one of the easier trips for me. It helps that there was a lot going on with the kids this week. Nothing is sweeter than knowing he is almost home. Printed labels are nice. The real deal is a million times better.

A fresh 6 pack sits in the fridge waiting to be shared with him in person. Cheers!