Wally Weatherman has been forecasting nice temperatures for a couple weeks now. Only it never seems to get as warm as he says it will. Most days have been so breezy. You combine breeze, or wind actually, with clouds and whatever high we hit never feels as nice as it should.

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. Highs in the low 70’s. It felt a little cooler than that but at least we were able to run around in shorts without jackets and feel great. Today we were supposed to get near 80 degrees. The best I saw was 75. The wind is picking up but the sun has been shining most of the day. It is the perfect day.

The kids wanted to play in the pool. They were mad at me yesterday when I told them no. It was not pool weather. Besides that Parker’s homework took most of the evening. He was making a birthday card for his teacher. I thought it was so creative. He made the card look like a Chrome notebook because she has a classroom set. Inside where the screen would be he drew every single kid in his class. His class picture was used for inspiration. Then he wrote a birthday message enclosing every letter in a box so it looked like the keyboard had the message on it. It was so cute! I know she will love it.

This morning I told Parker today may be a pool day. I’m sure he worriedly stared at the clouds all morning. Luckily for him the day turned out to be beautiful. He is even playing nicely with Gwen in the pool. I told them if they were going to fight then nobody could be in the pool. They are having fun.

Gwen accused me of not being fun because I didn’t want to get in. She reminded me that I didn’t get in on Saturday either. I’m a wimp, what can I say? If it’s not at least 80 degrees it’s not pool weather. I read magazines in the sun. Gavin is the boring one. I invited him out to play but he chose to do homework first.

The kids were whining that they were cold. They have gotten out a couple of times shivering within an inch of their lives. Parker tried to stand at the edge and retrieve all the toys. Of course they were out of reach so he had to get in. He claimed the water felt warm after being in and out so much. Gwen joined him. Soon I should get them out. It’s so hard to want to when they are so happy.