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Another princess dress made its way into our house about a month before our trip. But this dress wouldn’t be a freebie. Gwen had to earn it. Until she did it hung from our chandelier in the front entryway. Heath was the only one who could reach it. When Gwen tried we had to read her the riot act. She could’ve fallen to her death trying to reach that thing.

Gwen did earn the dress. She was so excited to be able to wear it to Arial’s Grotto. She met Anna and Elsa in that dress. They commented on the pretty dress. Anna said it was the summer version of her dress. Gwen was also wearing her dress to the Frozen Sing Along.

There were two narrators or citizens from Arrendale. They would very briefly tell the story setting up each song. On the big movie screen would be the part of the movie where the song was. On the bottom of the screen were the lyrics. The audience was expected to participate by singing along. I did my best but the person in front of me blocked two of the middle words of each line. If I didn’t know that part I struggled to figure it out. Gwen knew every word!


The boys really got into the show and had a couple moments of genuine surprise and delight that Heath captured. Heath assured me that the boys even sang along with many of the songs.


Near the end of the show the lights changed so it looked more wintery in the theater. Snowflake lights shone on the ceiling and walls. Real snowflakes began to fall. Heath caught some in his hands. You can’t see them in the picture though. The kids, Parker in particular, were blown away by the magical snow falling from the ceiling.

One of our favorite family traditions at Disneyland is to watch the Aladdin play in California Adventure. We of course did that again this time. I love that show. I love how the story follows the movie but the actors can throw in their own funny lines. Usually it’s a pop culture or current event joke. The show never gets stale because it changes every time.

In Disneyland there is a small theater where we were able to see a Frozen play. It was similar to Aladdin. The play followed the movie but the actors were really witty with their lines. It was a more intimate setting than the Aladdin show. That play was the highlight for me. I really enjoyed it.


Gwen was excited to sit on the carpet with the other young kids. She quickly became fast friends with everyone around her. Somehow she managed to scoot her way to the very front row before the show started. The boys had a lot of fun with this one too. Gavin and I were cracking up at all the jokes. All of our Frozen experiences were great.

We had plans to get another family pet from Build-a-Bear. When we saw the Olaf in the window we knew what we were getting. He was too cute to pass up. Of all the Disney movies I think Olaf was the best non-human sidekick character. Olaf is the best. We got him a Hawaiian shirt and a straw hat. I hesitated on pants and ultimately decided no.

IMAG00038The girl offered us a bag with arm holes to carry him home in. It was perfect. His little stick arms were poking out the arm holes and his head was sticking out the top. Heath carried Olaf on his back after we bought him. I carried him through security in the airport and then gave him to Gwen.

Parker saw a stuffed Sven for sale at a shop in Downtown Disney. He really wanted that Sven. I love how the kids were smart with their money. Parker knew how much he had left after Legoland and wanted to spend it wisely. He ran through the list of scenarios for spending his money. In the end he still really wanted Sven. The reindeer is really cute and cuddly.

Frozen is one of those movies. It is still so very popular. Our copy of the movie hasn’t been overplayed, so we still get caught up in Frozen Fever. Even the boys! Just don’t tell them.