The wall has finally been updated with new pictures. This time we used frames so I think this collage will last longer than the last one.

I loved the pictures of our babies along the stairs, but when the photos started peeling off the foam core board it was time to do something else. The caricatures look great together. We also found a place for the picture of Heath and me way back in the day before we had kids.

Heath came up with the idea to put Legoland California in vinyl on the glass. I think it almost looks like we bought it that way. The next step is to Cricut some vinyl letters for the wall to say a fun phrase. We’re thinking “family builds character.”

This was our fun project for the day. Other projects included mowing the lawn and buying a book for Edward. After dinner I put everyone to work on cleaning the house. We got it done in less than an hour. With the exception of Gwen’s room (she thinks we don’t know she never put her toys away), our whole house is sparkly clean. That is a great feeling. Bring on Sunday. Maybe I’ll even get around to posting the last couple stories of our trip.