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What were we going to do about autographs since Tinkerbell fell down on the job? She texted us her apologies and said she would pick up some official autograph books in Disneyland. She would fly them up to our room later.

In the end I’m glad that the original books were accidentally left behind. They were just Disney themed notebooks with some fun pens. Tinkerbell picked out some really cool official autograph books with fancy pens. Gwen’s pen was pink with princesses all over it and a gold crown at the top. The boys pens were blue and black and said they were official autograph pens! There were black Mickey ears at the top.

The kids were so excited about the books Monday morning. We told them we would stop for autographs as often as we could during our adventures. While we were standing in line at Pixie Hollow we saw Captain Hook and Peter Pan walking around together. People had stopped them for pictures and stuff. When we finished meeting the fairies we got in line to see Captain Hook and Peter Pan, who were just outside Pixie Hollow. Of course once we got in line they decided to walk away. We never did see them again.

At Pixie Hollow we met Silvermist, the water fairy, and Tinkerbell. Silvermist was so funny. She asked the guy behind us in line if he was holding a water bottle. When he said yes she said, “I did that. You’re welcome.” She was full of funny one liners like that. I really liked her. Heath asked her what she was doing about the drought. She just said she needs to get on that. But at least she’s filling water bottles for people and is quite proud of herself for it!

Silvermist also told the kids to touch their dimples as they smiled for pictures. She was adorable. Tinkerbell had a really cute conversation with Gwen where she kept calling Gwen Olaf. It was funny. Tinkerbell is one of Gwen’s favorite characters. I still remember when Gwen was 2 and met Tink for the first time. She was so awestruck. I love Pixie Hollow. It’s my favorite character greeting spot.

We saw Mary Poppins once but she was far from where we were. She was walking through the crowd so it probably would have been another Captain Hook and Peter Pan situation.

My favorite chance meeting of characters was when we were in line for Star Tours. We were inside where it’s always very dark and the line snakes around in neat lines several times. Suddenly some side doors burst open and two or three Storm Troopers came out, guns in hand ready for action. I have to admit it was quite surprising and a little terrifying at first. They didn’t say a word obviously. They just marched around getting in people’s faces or surprising them from behind.

Some people were laughing some people were visibly nervous. I was doing a little bit of both. The line moved enough that we were standing next to a wall. The Storm Troopers came by and a cast member was nearby. Heath asked if we could get their autographs. The cast member said no because Darth Vader forbids it. So Heath gave one a fist bump as he disappeared behind a door opposite of where they had stormed the room.

The boys didn’t want to have any princesses sign their books at Ariel’s Grotto. They were good sports and stood in the pictures. Sometimes they smiled. Sometimes Gavin had huge wads of bread in his cheek. Just before we went to Ariel’s Grotto we waited in line to see Donald Duck. It took a while because he had to stop and make a phone call. Ten minutes later he returned and picked up with the line where he had left off. It turns out the call was to Daisy who had been spending all his money!

At one point Minnie Mouse had to leave for a minute to check on a cheesecake she had in the oven. She came back quickly and was very sweet kissing her autograph before giving the book back.

We didn’t take any of our own pictures of Donald Duck. We still need to buy the Photo Pass pictures, which were all there by the way! Not like Legoland where we were completely gypped. Donald seemed to have a hard time with Gwen’s pen. He used the boys pens for everyone’s books. The cast member with Donald scribbled Gwen’s pen on her shoe. I thought that was weird.

Too bad they didn’t say anything more to us about the pen. We went to Ariel’s Grotto to meet all the princesses. All the princesses were barely able to scratch their autographs. By the time Cinderella came around the pen would not even pretend to work. Cinderella signed Gwen’s book with a blue crayon. She asked if we got the pen at Disneyland. We told her that Tinkerbell did. Cinderella said maybe Tink didn’t put enough Pixie dust on it. Then she told us to take the pen to any store in the park and tell them it wasn’t working. They would replace it for free. I love that rule about Disneyland.

Besides not getting any of our own pictures with Donald Duck, we didn’t get any pictures of Gwen with Ariel. Ariel is the only princess that doesn’t come around to the tables to meet the families at her grotto. Normally a cast member will take pictures. During the meal a whole picture package is brought out to the tables for purchase.

The guy came around and apologized to every family that they didn’t have any packages to show. If we wanted our pictures we had to go get them from some place we had never heard of and therefore didn’t know where it was. We completely forgot to even try to get them later. I’m a little bummed because Ariel is Gwen’s favorite princess. At least that was the only Disney photo snafu. I’m still mad at Legoland. What a scam they are running! I still haven’t heard back from anyone. It’s been almost a week since I complained on their site.

A very memorable part of Ariel’s Grotto was when the page came out to introduce the princesses. He started to sing a song. We were sitting very close to him and he looked up at Gwen. I don’t know why but he started laughing while he sang to her. It wasn’t like she had something embarrassing on her face. He thought she was cute. It made her day to know he sang to her for a little bit and she had him so flustered he laughed and almost forgot the words.

That was awesome. So was Gwen’s Ursula dog. It was a hot dog cut up to look like an octopus sitting on top of macaroni and cheese. Heath got a Mickey shaped dessert in addition to all the dessert they brought to all of us anyway. I ate my crème brulet because I have never tried any before. It was delicious. Gwen wanted my S’more sandwich and was too stuffed to even try it. I like the food at Ariel’s Grotto. I really like that when we book with Costco we get a free character dining experience. So Ariel’s Grotto and the prices was free.

As we were wandering through California Adventure we saw a line to meet Olaf. The boys were even excited about this one. A cast member stood at the line entrance and told us we had to have a Fast Pass specifically for meeting Olaf and they had “sold out” that morning. That was disappointing. But we got Fast Passes for other Frozen shows and to meet Anna and Elsa.

The nice part about autographs is the lines are long but the characters make it worth the wait. They are so very personable and have fun with the kids. We have stood in line to meet characters before. It’s a lot of fun but this is the first time we had autograph books. It was a really fun way to experience Disneyland.

The kids are enjoying the forgotten autograph notebooks. They were exactly where we had left them. Tinkerbell did tell us to let the kids know she packed them on our way home. If they got all their homework done they could have them. It works out well that way. I don’t want Gwen playing with her autograph book. The girl loves paper so having a whole new notebook is perfect. Now I need to print copies of pictures for Gwen’s autograph book.