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It has been nearly eight years since we have been to Legoland. We only went the first time because we found coupons with our Burger King meal when we happened to be in San Diego for Heath’s business trip. I really wish I could find the video I made from that first trip and repost it. It’s on some backup drive stored somewhere not in our computer anymore.

All these years later we decided to go back to Legoland. I was a little concerned about it since friends have blogged that their kids don’t like it anymore. They have gotten too old. These kids are the same age as my kids. Oh well, we would go anyway.

Yes, Legoland has an expiration date. Gavin was too old and Parker was on the fence of being too old. Gwen was the perfect age. Gavin was a good sport and he had fun. Parker couldn’t be happier to be alive! The boys went on several rides just the two of them which was really fun for them. Gwen was brave and went on rides she didn’t want to do. She was happiest on the very young rides like the jousting horses.

We made it to Legoland just in time. We weren’t sure if waiting at baggage claim then getting a rental car, then navigating LA traffic would get us to Legoland too late. We checked into our room and raced to the park. It was 4:00 and the park closes at 5:00. The guy who gave us our tickets thought we were weird for wanting to play for only an hour. We told him we had two days for the price of one and we were going to make the best of our one hour.

It was the best hour ever. There were no lines for one thing. Apparently it had rained pretty hard that day which cleared out a lot of people. We ran from ride to ride and had the best time ever. All of us had perma-grins. It was so much fun.

The next day had some ups and downs but we still had a lot of fun. I’m glad the kids had fun because we will never go back. Everything about the park was very juvenile in nature. It’s definitely meant for a younger crowd. It’s a little weird because Lego is not a toddler toy. Some of those bigger sets have age suggestions starting in the teens. But the rides and the park in general have a young vibe. If you have kids younger than 10 you should go. After that your kids are probably too old. That’s what I love about Disneyland. It’s fun for everyone and no one ever ages out of the park.


Here are some examples of Lego art in our hotel room. The Legoland Hotel has three different themed rooms to choose from. We didn’t say what we wanted so it was a surprise when we were put in an adventure room. We learned that the rooms are themed based on what floor they’re on. First floor was the castle themed rooms (what Gwen and I secretly wanted), second floor was for the pirate themed rooms, and the adventure rooms were on the third floor.


The whole floor followed the theme. There were snakes and pits on the carpet in the hallways. Every kid would jump as they walked down the hall to avoid stuff on the floor! The special carpet continued into the rooms.



An adventurer that looked a lot like Indiana Jones stood across the hall from the elevators. Speaking of elevators, the Legoland Hotel elevators played fun music as soon as the doors shut. It was a dance party every time we went somewhere. That’s why you could see us dancing like goons in the video.

Every room was set up so there was a kid section and an adult section. The kids part was in the front of our room. There were bunkbeds with a trundle bed tucked underneath. It was perfect for our three kids. Parker slept on top because he could! Gwen wanted the trundle bed. The kids had a TV on the wall across from the beds.

Between the two sections was the bathroom. It was the smallest hotel bathroom ever with a lot of wasted space. The flow was terrible in that room. I was happy to move on from it. But the Lego art continued on the bathroom walls and the shower curtain was also adventure themed.


You can see they spared no details. The headboard on the parents bed was even carved with hieroglyphics. The door to the room had two peepholes. One regular peephole and a lower one for the kids to look through.


The best part of the room was the treasure chest. The front desk gave us papers and pencils for a mini scavenger hunt. The kids had to walk around the hotel to find the answers to the questions. The answers were the combination to the treasure chest. The first day the kids each got a mini figure and the next day they each got a package of Mixels.

The hotel had a lot of fun things for the kids to do. There were large pits in the lobby full of Lego bricks the kids could build anything with. There was also a huge castle the kids could run through and imagine in. It was a pretty fun hotel (for younger kids). Also next to the elevators in the lobby there was a whoopie cushion on the floor. When the kids stood on it it would make noise and say things like, “Oh you stinky thing!” It was funny the first several times.

There were two restaurants. The Bricks Family Restaurant was a buffet. We had breakfast there every morning. I think that was included with the price of the room and we only paid separate for the one dinner we had there. The other dinner was at the Skyline Café across the hall. The food was crazy expensive but it was quite tasty. I had some noodly Alfredo thing. They made the sauce with gouda which made the sauce addicting. It was so tangy and creamy and oh so delicious. Heath made an Alfredo sauce with gouda on Sunday. It was yummy.


My favorite part about the Legoland Hotel was how they painted the outside. It looks like it’s made out of Lego! They had a fun pool area but we didn’t ever play in the pool. It was too cold on Friday and we planned on going on Saturday. After we posed for a family caricature portrait and did our shopping it was too late in the day. The sun wasn’t as warm and the winds had picked up.


I love this picture! We are Lego mini figures. Parker does not have earrings. That’s his hands popping his head off. I love that the artist captured our smiles so well in such a short amount of time. Did you notice my perfectly straight teeth? No braces necessary. Just posing for a caricature portrait!

Saturday was a full day at Legoland. We were there for the Magic Hour where the park is open to hotel guests one hour earlier than the general public. And we stayed until the park closed. It was fun but I have to say that one hour on Friday was better than all of Saturday. It was the best hour ever.