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So many lines from Clueless went through my mind while I watched Gwen drive.

Josh: Hey James Bond! In America we drive on the other side of the road.
Cher: You try driving in platforms!

Cher: Hello! That was a stop sign.
Dionne: What, I like totally paused.

Oh dear! Watching Gwen drive was the funniest thing ever. Also the scariest. Did you see her move over right in front of that other girl? After the ride was finished the kids were all given drivers licenses on the way out. For real!

Luckily Legoland is not the final say on driving privileges. I would say in the state of California but I believe many drivers here probably found a way to turn that business card piece of cardstock from Legoland into a real form of I.D. When you hear that California drivers are the worst, believe it. When Gwen is given a bus pass for her 16th birthday, remember this video.