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My Vacation

Day One:


Today I went to the airport and waited forever. I was super duper excited and I really wanted to get on the plane. I was counting down the minutes of how much time until we go onto the flight. After that it seemed very long.


Finally we got onto the plane! And I was still so excited. A flight attendant came by and asked if I wanted wings and if I wanted to see the cockpit.


I went to the cock pit. I learned about all the buttons. I learned how to steer. And I got to sit in the co pilot’s seat. After I learned all about the plane I sat back down. When it took off Dad told me all about what happened when the plane was moving. This was my very first flight and I think it will be the best one ever!

After the flight I went to Legoland and played on a test track which was fast, a spinny ride like the tea cups, and a dragon roller coaster.

Best Ride Ever


The best ride ever (so far), is The River Run of California Adventure. It all started when we went past the ride when we were going to lunch. Dad said that we should go on it and I agreed to go, but he said we need to do it later in the day. I was disappointed but excited at the same time. We went to Ariel’s Grotto for lunch and it was pretty good, the only awkward part was the pictures. Because I had to take pictures with icky princesses.

As I was saying about the ride the line was short because of how late it was in the day. We finally got on and I thought it was only going to be me, Gavin, and Dad, in the boat (Mom and Gwen didn’t want to go on the ride), but there was a nice couple next to us and we had fun talking but at the end of the ride there was a big explosion of water, like a volcano but we were just in front of it when it happened and we were safe.

After the first time we told Mom and Gwen we were doing it again and we did. We waited in line and got on and a family came on with us and we had fun on the ride but that ending with the volcano like explosion was right in front us and we were safe on that one too. We were about to go through it and then it stopped. That was the best ride ever.