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It’s been another busy Tuesday where I am driving hither and yon all day. I finally feel like I have a minute to sit down and write about Gavin’s track meet yesterday. Apparently Heath took 389 pictures. They’re not all pictures, he shot a lot of video too. Still that’s a lot to look through and I’m suddenly not so inspired to do this post anymore!

The track team lost their ace photographer. I guess one of the parents could always be counted on for pictures but that student had to leave. That’s all I know. I don’t know if they moved on to high school or just moved or what. It was mentioned in an email that the coaches are in desperate need of pictures for the awards ceremony.

One parent uploaded some pictures and shared them. I asked where to upload our pictures since we had a lot. Nobody answered me. There was an email yesterday to everyone saying they have a guy who will put together a slide show for the awards night and to email him. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a thousand pictures between all four meets. The thought of uploading them to share sounds so exhausting. Maybe tomorrow.

Heath took so many pictures last night partly because of the need for pictures. He tried to take pictures of everybody and not just Gavin. Which is not hard when Gavin only runs two races. He also took a ton of pictures because it was freezing cold! I stayed with the kids in the bleachers. The shade rapidly grew and grew. Heath went onto the grass in the middle of the track for better pictures. He stayed much warmer in the sun!

Even then it wasn’t that warm. Morning fog rolled in as far inland as Sacramento and the sun took several hours to burn through. Burn may not be a good word. The clouds probably just gave up and dissipated on their own because that sun was anything but warm. Then there was a nice stiff breeze from the North Pole (it felt like) that blew and gusted all day long. It was bitterly cold.

I had the presence of mind to put on shoes for the meet since I had worn flip flops to the school to tutor. Just a couple days ago it was a million degrees outside! Winter clothes have been put away but we keep getting the occasional winterish day. Welcome to spring, right? My feet were ice cubes in my shoes because I didn’t have socks on. I had long capris on so about two inches of my ankles were exposed to the hypothermia inducing weather. My lightweight jacket also did little to protect me.

Still, I cheered for every single one of Gavin’s teammates. I know three names. Gavin, Avalon, and Aoife. The rest of the kids get a loud, “Come on (name of school)!” I also cheered for the underdogs; any kids, regardless of school, who were jogging in last place miles behind the other racers. They got a loud, “Come on (name of school)!” and lots of clapping. My hands were red and stinging pretty early on from all my clapping. At one point I was the only one clapping and cheering. I felt idiotic. At the same time these kids are running races. We are sitting in the stands watching it. It seems like the least anyone could do is cheer.

The coaches haven’t sent the email with all the race results yet. Gavin claims he knocked 15 seconds off his mile time. Hopefully that’s true. We sat next to Lizzie’s family after Gavin ran the mile. Lizzie continues to kick butt out there as a runner. She looks so calm as she smokes all the other runners. Gavin looks like he has lead in his feet compared to her. He loves running. All we can do is ask him to keep improving himself. He’ll never be a Lizzie and it doesn’t matter. As long as he is happy, that’s all that counts.

The runners mostly stayed on the grass in the middle of the track. Some were in the stands. The smart ones were in the sun on the grass. Then we started seeing kids in their street clothes. Their races were finished and they were freezing. Gavin said he was given a Capri Sun and a fruit roll up for staying through the whole meet. He thinks about 20 kids received the same thanks.

Gavin asked me for a dollar toward the end of the meet. He wanted a hot dog. I should have let him do it. I found a dollar on the floor in his room earlier in the day. It was still in my pocket. Normally meets end between 6:00 and 6:30. This one ended after 7:00. Heath said the meet was run by the high school track team. I feel much more forgiving for the long stretches between races knowing it was students running the meet. Other than the long delays between races you would never know it was a meet run by kids. They did a great job. Gavin said it was his favorite meet. I can still feel a chill just thinking about it!

We headed out to Baja Fresh for dinner and got home a little after 8:00 pm. The kids were not excited to have to do homework when all they wanted was just to relax and go to bed. Poor Gavin. He put in a 12 hour day! He left the house at 8:00 am and came home at 8:00 pm. Then he had a couple hours of homework to do. But he was a champ and he did it.

My days seem to start early and end late. It’s that busy time of year known as the end of the school year. Academics start to slow down a little but all the activities and extras accelerate. I’m tired and will look at the pictures tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even post some. We’ll see.