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My new favorite song is Polaroid by Imagine Dragons. I love the rolling easy-going flow of the song. And the chorus is addicting. You can’t help but sing along.

All my life I’ve been living in the fast lane
can’t slow down I’m a rolling freight train
one more time gotta start all over
can’t slow down I’m a lone red rover

Lone red rover! I love that line. Red Rover is a game you play with a lot of other people. A lone red rover has got to be someone just running. Running as hard as if they had to break through the line but there is no line so they just run hard.


Heath got some really neat pictures at this last track meet. I love the blurred background. I love the look of determination on the faces of those runners. That was a really cool meet.

We sat in the bleachers of the high school the meet took place at. Gavin loved the all weather track. The runners gave me goosebumps the way they laid it all out on the track. They ran through the tape at the end of the races even though there was no tape. They gave each race their all.

The last race was the 4×400. Do you write out the numbers or spell the numbers? I don’t know. It’s a long relay race. Our boys were in the lead the whole time. It was awesome to watch. The first kid took off like a rocket and had a huge lead. About the time the second place kid started to catch up our kid handed off the baton and that boy exploded off the track. It was like that for every handoff.

Just as the gap started to close our boy passed the baton. We were screaming like we were at a football game. It was so intense and I could not watch our boys lose any ground. We won! It was the best. I was almost in tears it was so amazing and exciting and just plain old awesome to watch the power of the human body.

Gavin only ran the mile. He was lucky to have been able to run that much. Some kids couldn’t run any race. It was a strange meet with some interesting restrictions. The high school agreed to host the meet probably because their two middle schools could join. But a Lacrosse game was scheduled for 5:00 sharp. We had to be finished by then.

The tight schedule made the meet start thirty minutes early. We were late. The mile is always the first race and I am so grateful we were able to see Gavin run the last half of the race.

We left the elementary school too late. Gwen and Parker took their time coming down the path and then both realized they didn’t use the bathroom first. So I walked them back up and Heath met us in the front. It’s impossible to leave the front of the school. Heath mixed up this meet with the next meet and started driving toward our high school. I didn’t realize in time that he forgot which school it was at. So we pulled in a couple minutes late.

The tight schedule meant strict limits on the number of athletes in each race. There were limits on age and gender. Basically only two kids per race is what the coach told us. It was fine. We weren’t upset. Gavin ran his favorite race. He finished in 6:45.

One thing that did get under my skin a little about the meet was that the hosting high school refused to give up their track team practice. What? So the already restricted races also had lane restrictions. Every so often a wave of high school kids would run through on the outside lanes. The first time I saw this big pack of kids jogging I wanted to yell at them to get off the track. There were kids sprinting behind them. I didn’t realize at first the racers were only on the inside lanes. Still, it was distracting. It was a nice meet in that the setup was great and it was well organized but all the extras going on were weird.

I loved watching all the races. I just love watching people run. Mostly because I can’t run. Can not run. To save my life. Seriously. It’s not like I’m afraid I look stupid. I cannot run. At all. I probably walk faster than I run. So it’s always inspiring to watch other people do what I could only dream of doing. And that last race was like watching the Olympics. Those kids ran with their heart and soul. It was awesome.

Here is a music video I put together of the meet.